include_path ?? Need an explaination.. (PHP)

In php ini - does the "include_path" nned to be set -i s it necessary and what is the propose of it?

Thanks in advance
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I'm not sure there are flags needed with the include_path.

In any case, this link gives 2 ways of doing... 1 through the CONF and the second at runtime in your PHP code.
whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
Hmm anoying -  the mysql extensions refuses to turn on....
Specifies a list of directories where the require(), include(), fopen(), file(), readfile() and file_get_contents() functions look for files. The format is like the system's PATH environment variable: a list of directories separated with a colon in Unix or semicolon in Windows.

Example H.1. Unix include_path

Example H.2. Windows include_path

Using a . in the include path allows for relative includes as it means the current directory.


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whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
So it's essential to set the path to get PHP to work properly?
I think ,If you dont set it up, you have  to specify paths in your include statements to make it work.
This is the only difference:

With: include("functions.php");
Without" include("..\..\functions.php")

whatisthesolutionAuthor Commented:
K..  thanks guys!
I'l make a split!

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