system information

i hve to write a program to retrieve system details like , processor specification ,memory size ,hard sisk partition  on a linux   pc .

the program specification tells :
               1) Dont use kernel modules
               2)Dont read from /Proc/*        files
               3)Dont use  exixting command like cpuinfo ,fdisk  etc ....

Is there any another way to get all the PCI  and USB information  and CPU info  ???
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What's the point in it? The tools are there for reason and it will be hard enough to gather all the information you like form the /proc filesystem.

ratheesh_kAuthor Commented:
u r telling that there are tools for this ?
ratheesh_kAuthor Commented:
what am asking is  using an api or some inline assembly ,can we read these details from pci  or usb ?
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ratheesh_kAuthor Commented:
tat is good , wat abt the USB  ?
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