OWA - Details panel on mail forward dos not display.

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The problem I’m having is that when users access there OWA, they can read there email no problems, but when the try to forward an email to someone else. In the popup window that opens (the section where you type any comments and shows the original message does not display) It only shows a small box with a red cross in the top left corner. I have seen similar things when giff or pic files have not been shown in IE for instance.

This only happens when it is accessed from the internet. Internally it shows as normal.

We are running Exchange 2003 Enterprise edtion. I do have a screen shot if anyone wants it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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What is the client computer using?  XP, Vista?

Is this all machines or one machine in particular?


All are using XP Pro, except  one that is using Vista. Which will change in time.
right, so All users are having this problem?

Sorry, that wasn't really clear
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Not sure if everyone is having this problem and not know about it. I have tried this from home and got the error (IE 7.0) and someone else using Vista.

Someone else this morning has also said that they have not had a reminder when using the OWA. They only found out this morning when they plugged there laptop back onto the network.

I don't know if this has any bearing or not.

Thanks for looking at this.

No worries, we really need to know how widespread this is

It sounds like it could be only the vista machines - in which case, I would ask if you have applied the exchange 2003 patch for this




It has been tried on one pc using Vista and the other using XP pro with all patches.

The above hotfix seems only to apply to Vista pc's. The company am am working for only uses XP pro at the moment. The Vista pc is a private one.

Right, but if the vista PC is trying to access the exchange 2003 server, that is your problem

That is an exchange patch, not a windows patch - it goes on the server



Yes I agree Red with the Vista one, but it has happened on the XP pro which is the standard here. I will ask the Main systems admin to check that servers are all patch up.



It looks like I was given some dodgy information.  It appears that it is just on the Vista PC's which you have already sopke about. The XP one was something else (Users..don't you just love em).

The main system admin here does not want to implement the patch until Vista is due to be rolled out.

Anyway thanks for your time and help.

I will pass on the much deserved points  .

Thanks again
>>(Users..don't you just love em)

User: *flapping hand around wildly* nothing works!
Admin: so your computer is off, email not working, database is down?
User: no, I can't get to www.justintimberlakeishot.com, fix it, NOW

Thanks, and good luck with it - that patch is safe, I am yet to see major issues with it


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