ntvdm.exe taking 100% CPU when DOS application active & ws run slowly

We had a small 3 workstation workgroup running windows 98, which was used to run a DOS based database application.

We have just replaced the 3 workstations with new XP based systems. The local server runs the database just fine, but the two networked workstations run really slowly.

We have identified that ntvdm.exe is takeing 100% of the CPU bandwidth while ever the database is open on the networked computers, which causes them to run really slowly. I understand that this program is the 16bit virtual machine, used to run a 16 bit application in a 32bit environment, but we need to resolve this, as the workstations become un-usable whenever the database is open.

Can anyone help in resolving this issue?
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blue_zeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A solution may be (stress the may...) increasing RAM.

Could this be an issue with your system?

nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
Thats the one zee, it worked a treat. Many thanks to everyone!

And you're welcome.

Thank you for the fine grading.

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