C# Tabbing Between User Controls

I have created a User Control with a label on it and a button next to the label.

I have then added the control to a form 4 times, one below the other and set the tab order up correctly.

When I load the form the focus is on the first User Control, however when I tab to go the the next control, nothing happens, any ideas?
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Make sure that the TabStop of the usercontrol is set to true and the TabIndex is set to the ordinal you expect to follow during the tabbing.
CAMSYSTEMSAuthor Commented:
Yes they are definately setup correctly. Any other ideas?

P.S on the User Control there are other buttons that are not visible. However these buttons have tabstop set to false

Check the CanFocus property is set to true.

Also, you may want to transfer the focus to the button inside your user control. So you have to handle the user control's Focused event.
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"the User Control there are other buttons that are not visible. However these buttons have tabstop set to false"
Definetly worth looking at it...
CAMSYSTEMSAuthor Commented:
I have found the reason for it.....

I am using the below override, which I need to use. It catches the Tab key press, however I need it to treat this as it normally would...

Any ideas???

protected override bool ProcessCmdKey(ref Message msg, Keys keyData)

CAMSYSTEMSAuthor Commented:

If Key = Tab then return false, easy at that, what I nightmare I had!!!!

O well, hopefully it will help someone else in the future
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