SQL Server Licences

I have a SQL server.  Remote clients are connecting to the SQL server through the internet via a .NET application.  Does these remote client PCs need a SQL server client licence each.  

Kevin RobinsonPrivate VB.NET ContractorAsked:
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imran_fastConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Your sql server should have user licence or processor licence thats it.
I mean sql server licence is based on the number of CPU or the number of user connection the client machine dosen't need any license
Kevin RobinsonPrivate VB.NET ContractorAuthor Commented:
Cheers thanks
Can you give me suggestions on How to connect SQL server over internet..I want to develop application in vb.net that connects database through the internet. I have static IP address connection with 1 Mbps spped. I want to know connection string. Thank you
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