Displaying links from table

I have the following tables:
ID              Cat
1               cat1
2               cat2

ID              Linkname                Url                        Cat                               Type
1               L1                           http://u1               cat1                               images
2               L2                           http://u2               cat2                               videos
3               L3                           http://u3               cat1                               videos
4               L4                           http://u4               cat1                               images
5               L5                           http://u5               cat2                               images

Now I want to display all the categories cat1, cat2 etc....like this:
cat1: images - videos
cat2: images - videos

if I click on 'images' in 'cat1: images - videos' it should list out all the urls from the 'links' table satisfying the condition cat='cat1' and type='images'. so far I had something like this:

<%=mRs("cat") & ":  " %><a href="showlink.asp?cat=<%=mRs("id")%>&tp=0" style="color:<%=sImg%>">images</a><span>&nbsp;</span><a href="showlink.asp?cat=<%=mRs("id")%>&tp=1" style="color:<%=sVid%>">videos</a><br>

now I want to achieve this without using 'Quesrysting'.

any help is appreciated.

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CWS (haripriya)Asked:
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kevp75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't unless you get something like:http://www.isapirewrite.com/

or you could make a custom error page, that will end up doing a redirect...however, you will still need to pass a querystring.  I am afraid a session variable/cookie is an even worse way to do it...

May I ask why you wouldn't want to pass a querystring?
CWS (haripriya)Author Commented:
the client feels, QuestionMark '?' results lower search rank and fails in search engines strategies. He is strictly against using querystring.
the best thing I can suggest to you then is to use the isapirewrite (link above)

all it does though is mask the URL that is displayed in the address bar of your browser.  Otherwise, you will need to keep your links the way they are...

and just for the record....your client is mistaken.  The QuestionMark would have effected search rankings a few years ago, but it is not that way anymore...
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RouchieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi cyberwebservice

The technique you seek is called URL ReWriting.  Googling this term returns a lot of ways to potentially achieve what you need.  Apparently if you create a custom 404 page, you can access the page that the user attempted to access, I think by using Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")

So you could output


The use the HTTP_REFERER in the 404 page to split the address into an array.  The ID parameter could then be accessed using the last member in the array.

There's some other approaches here...
CWS (haripriya)Author Commented:
hmm....thanx Rouchie and kevp75

I am still working on it....i don't know the head and tail of this...should I download some tools for ISAPI?

I don't know where to start this.
you could try that IsapiRewrite that I posted above, however I don't know what the limitations are of the trial version.

Your best bet may be to check out those other links above.  They will work you through setting up a custom error page...
CWS (haripriya)Author Commented:
Hi kevp75 and Rouchie,

I saw someother method in someother site for urlrewriting and I have adpted it, it works perfectly. Anyway without your help I would not have done this.
thanks and much appreciated :)
Hi cyberwebservice

Can you please post a link to the site you found the solution?  It will come in useful in the future for other people who stumble upon this post!

Thanks for the points.
-- R
CWS (haripriya)Author Commented:
yeah... Rouchie, I forgot the website link, anyway I will just google and send it.
CWS (haripriya)Author Commented:
here is the link:

I just used the rewrite.asp part alone after setting the custom 404 error page.
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