Indenting text items in a ASP.Net 2.0 ListBox


I have an application that builds an itinerary. I have the origin, destinations/stopovers and vias added to the same listbox. I have a checkbox that the user can check to indicate that this part of the itinerary is a 'via' i.e. the user wants to go via this city but this is not a stopover or destination where they will actually stop.

For example, a person goes from Chicago to Orlando stopping in Nashville but going via Louisville, KY.

So the listbox should be:

Chicago (origin)
Nashville (stopover)
-->Louisville (indented by tab or spaces to indicate it is a 'via')
Orlando (final destination)

How can this best be accomplished?

Thanks in advance.

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You can try something like this,  once again I haven't tried this.

strVia = (Char)32 + "Nashville";

Generally what I would do in this case is just create a custom control that displays a table.  Then you can control the spacing, padding, alignment and everything using css.

chad_sriramAuthor Commented:
Any ideas, fellas?

Not sure if this will work but try adding $nbsp; in front of the listbox item text, add it multiple times for multiple spaces.  I didn't test this out but it may work.  Also you can just create a custom control that either uses a table or span tags and then you can control the exact location of the text depending on what it is.
sorry its not $nbsp; its      having a bad typing day.
chad_sriramAuthor Commented:
I tried

strVia = "Nashville";
ListBoxViaList.Items.Add("   " + strVia );

The item displays as    Nashville in my listbox item.
It does not render the &nbsp right, must be something that ASP.Net listbox is picky about.
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