how can I make a connection with a mdb in the internet?

Hello guys,

I have an application that for validation it must connect to a mdb in the internet and do a search in a table to see if the key is registered.

How can I do this?
I use delphi 7, what component is suitable to do this? Could someone give me an example?

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That would be really really dangerous to open up an mdb in a file share to the Internet! One thing we need to know is this an Access database? Microsoft SQL Server also have mdb files for their database.

You might get Indy components, (my personally opinion is that Indy 9 is better and more stable than 10),  and use a server socket on some obscure port. Indy has a lot of demos that could help you through this fairly easily. All you would have to do is make a simple locate application when some specific data arrives and send it back out. You'd have to point your Internet router to your local Server's IP address and forward whatever port you decide to use.

Anyway, check out Indy components and the tons of pretty good applications. They even have a client server type database application, but to simply check for a key, that could be done pretty easily.

I hope this gave you a starting point.


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hidrauAuthor Commented:
Yeah, it is an access database.

Let me tell you better what I need to do.

I can have a mdb dabase with only one table that will hold keys or I can have a text file.

I need to check if this licence software has a key in the table or txt file, if it doesn't have,

this software doesn't have a legal copy.

did you get it?

I need an example how to do this.


I think the best thing for you to learn about sockets and stuff would be download Indy 9.  Then download the Indy 9 demos from

Check out the Chat and the IdTCP demos.

From there, when a connection is made to your "authentication server" you can check the data given, put it in an SQL query or a Lookup and if found, send back on "OK" or whatever. It's almost like have string value you can check and manipulate and sending data back is just about as easy.

Maybe someone else is willing to code it up for you including the Access table lookup using ADO or whatever.

Good luck!
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hidrauAuthor Commented:
Johnjces:, do you know cgi application?
No. I am sorry but I have not done anything with that. Done some ASAPI stuff but that is about it.

Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
Easiest way is to write an ASP webpage that will be used on the server to where you can send your requests. The ASP page would then just connect to the Access database, search for the key, give the result back and then it's done. This shouldn't be too complex, although it has been a while for me that I've used ASP for this. But it's the easiest server-side solution.
Then the client... It could just load the page from http://yourserver/searchkey.asp?key=somevalue which would trigger your ASP page. The page could then return either TRUE or FALSE as the whole page contents or maybe even some XML string if you want to make it more complex.
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