Backup Exec 11D or CA ArcServe 11 of which I have and hate

Currently using CA ArcServe 11 for server and client backup. I hate it. I would like to move to Symantec Backup Exec 11D but I would like your feedback.
Here is my setup:
Client - Windows 2000 sp4 - XP sp2
Server - Windows 2k3 R2 SB - Windows 2000 server running Exchange 5.5
Tape drive is DLTIV on Windows 2000 server and I have two Buffalo Terra Stations. The DLT I would like to replace with the Terra Stations.
Will Backup Exec 11D do all that I need including Exch 5.5 backup utilizing the Terra stations?
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I have used BackupExec since version 9.1 and still have a few 9.1 installs around.

BackupExec supports what they call backup to disk, so you can use those stations as backup disk locations and still have rotations, media labels etc on those.

It will easily support the tape drives.  I have had problems with drivers on an older version, but got it soved, other than that has worked really well.

You will need remote agents for servers, and exchange agnets etc when you purchase.  It can backup all versions of Exchange doing mailbox level or information store backups etc.

It also scales well to tape libraries which is what I use it with, but have just started doing some backups to NAS using the backup to disk folders.

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I have not used ArcServe before, so I do not have much input on that software.

For BackupExec, I have used it on and off since 9.1 also.  When it was Veritas BackupExec it was a very good product (well priced and reliable).  My feeling is that since Symantec bought Veritas the BackupExec software has suffered.  

I just recently upgraded from 10d to 11d and have had a lot of problems with my agent crashing on my Exchange server during Legacy backups.  I spent about 7 hours on the phone with Symantec doing debugs and everything (support is not very good).  The end result was we never found out why the agent was crashing.  Instead we are doing GRT (Granular Recovery Technology) backups on Exchange instead of Legacy backups.  I am not sure if you can do GRT backups on Exchange 5.5. (We are using Exchange 2003)  It is a long story as to why were doing Legacy backups instead of GRT to begin with but the same Legacy backups ran perfectly in 10d.

Another issue that we are having with the new 11d is it is not exporting our tapes correctly after jobs.  After hours on the phone with Symantec they told me the know about the issue and they are not currently working on the issue.  If they get enough complaints, the will address the issue in the future.

Due to the current issues with 11d I have seen and the reduced quality of support I cannot recommend BackupExec 11d.  If I could go back to 10d without loosing all my backup historical data I would.  (Symantec told me I couldn't)  We are currently getting pricing on ComVault even though we have about 9 months left on BackupExec that we have paid for.

BackupExec is not a bad product (I have used it for about 7 years) but 11d is not ready for prime time in my opinion.
I've been using BackupExec for a long time as well and have always liked it.  I do have reservations about Symantec taking over though; licensing has become horrendous and I agree that 11d is not quite as reliable as say 10d or 9.1 was.  Having said that though it would still be my choice of backup software.

As said, yes it will do all that you have asked about provided you buy the relevant agents (you can try them all in the 60 day trial - ).  The backup-to-disk backups work well once you get them setup right, this can be difficult sometimes...
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ArcServe's reputation in the Exchange community isn't too great. It has various nicknames, none of which I will repeat here.
Backup Exec is still the preferred option. Symantec haven't ruined it too much. There is an issue if you have Backup Exec and Symantec AV on the same machine, with Live Update bringing in updates for either both or none - which can be annoying if it breaks something in Backup Exec. Otherwise I am still using it with most clients at the moment.

10d is the current peak though - but 11d has some nice features which may well make the product worth looking at when v.12 is released.

I have begun using Storegrid.  The licensing is great for service providers.  The product works very well and also lends itself to offsite backup. (where you can make some more money) because it does bit level backups. It does Exchange, locked files, in use files, SQL and registry backups. I personally don't go near any Symantec products if I can at all help it.
I must say that I have never used it (storgrid) with tape, and am not sure it even works with tapes, but I noticed you wanted to use the Buffalos anyway.
Fraser_AdminAuthor Commented:
You all did a good Job. Thanks for all input. Good bye CA hello Backup Exec ver 10 hopefully.
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