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Difficult one...Active Directory + XML...

I read from AD and The CN (commonName) has a property that if i get its value
i get it in XML format.
I'm lookin for some way to enter the nodes and retrieve the value.
My code (to get other properties valus) are:
DirectoryEntry root = new DirectoryEntry(
              "User", "Password", AuthenticationTypes.ServerBind);

            DirectorySearcher search = new DirectorySearcher(root);
            search.Filter = "(&(objectClass=user))";
            SearchResult result;
            SearchResultCollection resultCol = search.FindAll();
            string[] allUsers = new string[resultCol.Count];
            if (resultCol != null)
                     for (int counter = 0; counter < resultCol.Count; counter++)
                    result = resultCol[counter];
                    if (result.Properties.Contains("ID"))
                        allUsers[counter] = ((string)result.Properties["ID"][0]);                                      
                        Console.WriteLine("Value : " + allUsers[counter]);
and i get all the values of the ID propert.
Now, there is a property - which its value is in XML :
   <way> SMS </way>
The property name is : " Delivery ".
(if i try to retrieve Delivery value - i get an XML result.
I need to get only the value ---  SMS
Is it possible?
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1 Solution
Does it always return valid XML?  And does it return it as a string?
If so, something like:

    // ...
    object deliveryValue = result.Properties["Delivery"];
    string wayValue = null;
    if (deliveryValue != null)
        XmlDocument xml = new XmlDocument();
        XmlNode wayNode = xml.SelectSingleNode("//names/way");
        if (wayNode != null) wayValue = wayNode.Value;
    // ...


udirAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
It looks like the right way  (:
the problem is that i get nulls.
(i also changed the line to - object deliveryValue = ((string)result.Properties["ladpcInfodelivery"][0]);  )

Maybe the single Node Method has a wrong path?
the real pass that i wrote in the code in order to get to the Node is : (above i just gave an example)
XmlNode Nodename = xml.SelectSingleNode("//ArrayofApp/App/Name/Modules/Module/Name/DeliveryMethods/DeliveryMethod/Name");
and the XML looks like this (when i get the property Value)
Value : <ArrayOfApp>

Am i missing somthing?
udirAuthor Commented:
Oh, and i need to get the only the Name value - " EMail " 
udirAuthor Commented:
or SMS
udirAuthor Commented:
OK, let me sumerize the problem so far:
1)  If i write as you wrote :  object deliveryValue = result.Properties["Delivery"];
      i get an error :  Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1
      at the line :  xml.LoadXml(deliveryValue.ToString());
 (which i understand is becuase the property return not a valid XML but a string (as you can see in the file above - it really begins with " Value : <ArrayOfApp>...........

2)  If i write as I wrote :  object deliveryValue = ((string)result.Properties["ladpcInfodelivery"][0]);
      i get nulls - " wayNode " is null (maybe somthing with the root)

How can it be solved (dosn't metter which way)
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