Converting Excel file to Adobe Acrobat 8 PDF file -- fit to page option?

I have Adobe Acrobat Professional version 8.
I have an excel workbook (with 6 sheets) that I would like to convert to a PDF doc.
When I do the conversion, since the spreadsheet is too wide and too long to fit on a single page, it creates multiple pages for the same sheet in the PDF file.  Is there a "fit to page" option (at least for the width) that I can use??
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RayConnect With a Mentor Data AnalystCommented:
Why not just set your print options within Excel to the correct parameters for paper output. Then instead of printing to your printer, just print to the PDF printer driver that is included with Acrobat 8. This will give you the output you previously set up.

"Converting" files always yields unexpected results.  Save yourself the headache and just print it to the PDF printer driver.

Why don'y you use the scaling option to make it smaller.
Also have yo tried using the free that has built in PDF conversion.

I hope this helps !
sah18Author Commented:
Where can I find the scaling option?

Well, we already own Acrobat, so it seems there's not really a need for another package at this point (unless it has features that this one doesn't (?))
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since i is free, you may want to try it to see if it has more options.

Is there a print to PDF option as part of Acrobat. This would offer scaling options I think.

I hope this helps !
dgbutterworthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure what you want to do, exactly, so I will guess.  Assuming you want to make your printout fit in a one page pdf file, Acrobat has some interesting page sizes.  I have not yet upgraded, but in ver. 7 Pro there is an "oversize A2" (for example) "paper size."  I tested this size by printing a large spreadsheet, and the output looks great.  The resulting pdf document properties report the "paper size" as 26.81x18.90 inches.  I might have to go buy a printer, so I can play with this some more.  If this is what you want, you can achieve this from Excel during the print  -> open the print window (e.g. ctrl-P), select your Adobe PDF printer, select properties, and in "advance" you can find some interesting paper sizes.  (I only tested, successfully, the Oversize A2.  There is a "screen" paper size, which is an interesting idea, but I got strange results with that.)  Good luck, DGB
rlistenb - that is exactly what I meant.  It was not clear?  Of course, printing to a "large paper size" in acrobat seems unnecessary, unless you actually have a printer that can print 19x26 inches.  If you simply want a pdf file, I believe you could print to a normal "size" page and then enlarge the view.
sah18Author Commented:
rlistenb - your suggestion worked perfectly!  we had already set the printing options in excel previously (so that printing directly from excel looked the way we wanted), but we were not creating the pdf via printing to adobe pdf.  we were either:
1. using the button in excel to convert to pdf
2. right-clicking on the filename itself (outside of excel), and selecting the convert to pdf option.
neither of these options retained the printing preferences we had set from within excel.
Your's did!
thanks for all suggestions!
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