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Domino Replication 6.5 and 7

HI All,

i'm very new to lotus domino area, and somehow i was told to do some work for a customer on lotus domino replication. the scenario is.

1. they currently have an existing domino server 6.5 and they are setting up several replication servers overseas connected back via a VPN connection.
2. all the new server will be installed with domino 7.

i've been fiddling around with this scenario via VM. and i seem to get the some hiccups

1. an error stating that i do not have access to create replicas
2. how can i replicate certain files? (eg. selected user mailboxes, addressbook)
3. how can i create an addressbook and have it published to all users so that they can view\use it when creating a new memo?
4. can replication work between domino6.5 (primary domino) and Domino7 (sub servers)

hope that all the domino gurus out there can guide me more on this. thank you very much.
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Replication should work on all versions of Domino.

1) You need to make sure that you have acess to create replicas on te new servers in the security TAB of the Server document in the Public Address book ( DOmino Directory ) for each server you want to add replicas.

2) Just use the File - new replica from the notes clisent

3) You can use direcory asistance- read up on it in the Notes Admin client Help. It is fully explained there.

4) Yes.

I hope this helps !
Although everything SysExperts says is true, I think that your question is not specific enough for us to give a good answer. I hope you know that many very large world-wide corporations have Lotus Domino, and they all use replication in some way. Meaning: your problems can be solved! Replication between R4 to R7 servers is usually no problem at all.

The big questions:
- why do they want replication?
- what is to be replicated?
- why create an additional addressbook? what is it for?

Are you in the process of merging several organizations? Could you explain a little more what the purpose is of the exercise?
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Hmm agree with sjef.  let's take one:  

how can i replicate certain files? (eg. selected user mailboxes, addressbook)
   The only reason why you would want to replicate mail boxes to another server is for clustering.   Otherwise, if you have a hub spoke configuration, where a main copy of a database sits on the administration server, and a replica sits on another server, then you need to create a connection document between servers and specify if the connection is for mail, replication, or both.   In this connection document, you can specify the databases you want to replicate.  For example some connection documents replicate with other servers every 15 minutes, and replicate just the public address book.

Domino creates an address book and stores all user names for that domain in this database.  Each server in the domain will have a copy of this address book, so you want to keep them all current.

The other thing with replication, is that you don't want to replicate templates between different versions.
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sorry for not making myself clear earlier.

reason of replicating specific databases is for specific users which will be located at different places, for example,

the primary server will be hosted in asia, and then another sub server with specific replicated database will be put in europe for a few users which are located in that region.

The big questions:
- why do they want replication?
as mentioned in my previous post.
- what is to be replicated?
user mail database file.
- why create an additional addressbook? what is it for?
for some 3rd party faxing application, which is integrated into domino.

sorry for reposting, found out i cant edit my previous post.

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Usually replicating mail databases to another server is not what your users want. They might get access to the mail replica on the more local (L) server, but mail is still received on the remote (R) server and then replicated to the L-server. Replication is probably done every hour, so the user will start to complain that he doesn't receives his mail on time. If your users are always connected to the L-server, you might be better helped by moving the mail database to the L-server entirely, so mail will be received on the L-server. For back-up purposes, you might create a replica on the R-server.

On the other hand, if those users are realy moving a lot, then it might be best to have a fast network and have them connect to the R-server at all times.

There is a great document on Domino Mail Topology somewhere... Can't really find it back, but this one seems close enough:
thanks for the feedback.
now to test it out, will update in a few days.
cheers all. tq for the assistance.
For the next time, you might be interested to know that it is possible to split the points... ;-)