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I created a brochure in Indesign.  I have several PNG images that I want to place into this document.  No matter how I place them and no matter what format I try, it always prints blury.  I am not trying to resize them or anything.  I even opend the images in photoshop and saved them as psd but had the same problem.  The only thing that seems to work is if I give the images a white background then place them, then it prints fine but I need them to be transparent.  Any ideas?
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BongSooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PNG images are usually low resolution. 72 dpi. To get clean sharp images you usually need at least 300dpi. And no, before you ask, there is usually no way to get perfect results increasing a lower resolution image to a higher resolution image, although you can try it and SOMETIMES get acceptable results with tweaking.

I would recommend getting original images, if possible. If not, res up to 300 dpi. Create a clipping path so that your transparent areas don't show up, and save as EPS or TIFF and place in Indesign.
Kurt4949Author Commented:
Yes they are 72 dpi.  They were exported from CAD software.  I will see if they can export them at a higher res.  

The confusing thing is that they look crystal clear in photoshop or fireworks.  I did try increasing the res but still looks bad when imported to in design.  looks bad and prints bad in indesign but not from photoshop or fireworks.
Kurt4949Author Commented:
finally got it working.  Re exported them from the cad software at its max dpi of 96 as jpg.  Then in fireworks delete background, change dpi to 600, then modify image size as necessary and save as png.  In indesign use file, place.  looks good now when we print it.
Interesting workflow, but I am glad it worked for you!
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