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Creation of a Basic batch file tp generate ping output

I need to create a batch file that will ping in excess of 25 IP addresses and generate output to a .txt file.  I'm sure this is a nice easy one for someboy to answer.  I have already tried running the command below but am prompted with the message C:\Computers.txt was unexpected at this time.  I'm sure this is something very simple..

For /f %a in C:\Computers.txt do ping %a -n 2 >> C:\Ping_Results.txt
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use %i instead of %a
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Have tried %i instead of %a but the same error message occurs (C:\Computers.txt was unexpected at this time).  

Any other suggestions?
try this one -
for /f %i in (C:\Computers.txt ) do ping %i >> C:\Ping_Results.txt
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I am now prompted with the message:  The System cannot find the file C:\Computers.txt.  
Obviously I am 100% sure that c:\computers.txt exists.
please verify the filename (spelling) again
also check that you have not checked "Hide extensions for known file types" in folder options - view
sometimes your filename becomes computers.txt.txt
please verify this also
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Ok were making progress, thanks.  The file extensions were not displayed, schoolboy error on my part.

My overall requirement is as follows:
We have 25 network devices that we want to ping every 15 minutes so we can measure the response in milliseconds over a 24hr period.  I suspect the best way to do this is to create a scheduled task that calls the ping batch file every 15 minutes.  I want each ping to append the data to the same log file and provide a date / time stamp so our network guys can do some analysis around why the response is slower at specific intervals in the day.  

Obviously the desired solution would be to implement qos so we can prioritise network traffic / allocate bandwidth utilisation but we are some way from achieving this.  We are also in the process of implementing HP's NNM (network node manager) which would also asist with this type of troubleshooting.
yes use scheduled task to run a script to run this command and to append the result file so that you will not loose previous result files
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The C:\Ping_Results.txt file does not contain a date / time stamp for when the command was ran?  
Any ideas? Sorry to be a pain but need to get this working tonight if possible.
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So to reiterate:

In a batch file:

As a single command on the command line:
To add the date and time is not difficult.  


time /t
This will give the time.

date /t  -- this will give the date.  

Add those commands to run before your ping in the batch file (with the output piped to your file) and you should be all set.
I suggest that to log the date/time, just change the dos prompt to display the date and time.
This way, you will see the updated date/time on every line.

eg. add this line to the first line in your batch file
prompt $d $t

try it and see the result! :)
Actually, it's easier still - you can use %date% and %time% to display the date and time:

For /f %%a in (C:\Computers.txt) do (
   echo %date% %time%>>c:\Ping_Results.txt
   ping %%a -n 2 >> C:\Ping_Results.txt
therefore your batch looks like -

date /t >> C:\Ping_Results.txt
time /t >> C:\Ping_Results.txt
For /f %%i in (C:\Computers.txt) do ping %%i -n 2 >> C:\Ping_Results.txt