Slackware internet setup problem

Setting up the internet in slackware.

I recently installed Slackware on my desktop.  I have a DFI Lanparty CFX3200 AMD board.  In the lspci I can see that I have two ethernet ports, however, in ifconfig they are not recofnized.  Ifconfig only displays an lp.  How do I set up the internet on slackware, I am a total newbie when it comes to linux network configuration.
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check with dmesg if the interfaces are recognize.
What brand are the interfaces? model? if you have somenthing like this you can made more easy dmesg with a grep for example if your interface was a inter you can do

dmesg |grep intel

paste the model and we can help you to setup internet in your lanparty
ChaotixMonjuishAuthor Commented:

I know it uses Marvell Gigabit Etherhet, i noticed that it is supported by the newest kernel upgrade, however, I don't know how to upgrade my kernel.

first download the new kernel from

bunzip and tar -xvf and read the install.txt  in this file explain step by step how to upgrade your kernel....

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Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
If you have installed Slackware 11 then you have a 2.6 kernel in your second disk on the testing directory.

One way to have the latest kernel ready is to download from here:

then install these packages in the order showed and reboot. the last one, kernel-generic. should update your lilo.conf and run lilo in order to start with the new kernel. I included kernel headers for the case you need to compile something. other thing good to have is the kernel source:

but is not needed to boot with a 2.6 kernel.

be cautious. changing the kernel with no experience on linux can cause you headcaches, since this is the piece that starts the system. fix it is not a big problem, but we do not want to start that learning at this time, right? =)

p.s. as pablouruguay says, it is necessary for a slacker to start compiling his own kernels ;-) it will give you a lot of expertise to make your first kernel work.
yep tooooo much experience... but like redimido said may headcaches....... but try it...

ps.for Redimido  Gabriel activa los comentarios en tu blog!!! es imposible contactarte contigo....
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:

Hi, ChaotixMonjuish   any update? did the new kernel worked as expected?

For pablouruguay: Mi correo lo puse en mi profile, a tus ordenes :)
ChaotixMonjuishAuthor Commented:
Yes, the new kernel did work.  However, I had to run DHCPD for a while after installing it.  The new  Kernel is okay, the sound drivers didn't work so I have a new problem now.
Gabriel OrozcoSolution ArchitectCommented:
run alsaconf as root. it could be muted.

if that does not work, then maybe if you reinstall alsa it would work

if you installed correctly the kernel_modules for 2.6, then alsa should be there. maybe if you start rc.hotplug it will load correct modules for you.
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