Webaccess fails remote domain


We have a groupwise 6.5 sp6 system with two domains/PO's and one set of
gateways, just recently we have noticed that the remote domain cannot log
onto the webaccess but communication between the domains is OK and the GWIA
is passing external mail on. On the Web Access server screen we get,

Unable to find the specified user.
Login Failed: Username

It has been working but just recently stop, tried to update to 6.5.6 to see
if that would help but no luck. All the local domain users on the system
can login fine so the software is fine (Apache/tomcat etc) it just seems to
be in the communication but we can't find out where.

The Webaccess6.5 object has the IP and Client server

Anyone got any idea's where I can look next?
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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EE Admin
You may want to run pkidiag with the scan and fix options, not sure off the top of my head. This can help fix issues with regards to it not working.
acerimmer10Author Commented:
I've actually sorted this one out, Turned out that the remote end had not properly updated to 6.5 and still thought that it was 6.0 on the POA only. Had to run a lot of rebuilds and copy the dc files back over.
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