Camera and Pictbridge printer not connecting

my Sony DSC-M1 won't connect to a pictbridge printer I got
the printer is a polaroid p310 printer
the instructions seem pretty straight forward
and I went throught the simple trouble shooting but nothing worked

when I plug the camera into the usb port it goes to usb mode and says its trying to connect to a device but nothing happens

any ideas on how I could diagnose this?
I tried hooking the printer up to the computer and the computer didn't detect it there either which makes me think it's something to do with the printer
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that could be; maybe look at the shops where they sell the printer, or on e-bay
can you see your camera on the PC? then i would suppose it is the printer, or cable faulty
BTMExpertAuthor Commented:
ya when I plug the camera into the pc I can see it fine

in the printer instructions it says to only use the usb cable that came with the camera but we lost that one the one I am using is a standard usba to usb b cable
would their be anything special about the one that came with the camera
BTMExpertAuthor Commented:
I called the manufacture and they shipped a new one out to me and the new one works fine
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