unbootable volume, stop error 0x7b, software mirror IDE, no physical disk errors

Windows Server 2000 unable to boot to 2 disk mirror dynamic software raid ide drives with stop error: 0x0000007b. No new hardware installed, no suspected boot virus, drives removed and scanned with manf. drive utility and no errors. ran recovery console and chkdsk /r on the boot drive, errors were reported and I believe they were corrected, however there was no conformation. How would I be able to boot to this disk again? If there is no practical way to recover, there is a SCSI controller with 3x drives that contain user profiles and group mapped drive shares that I need to retain share names and share permissions for. Is that information extractable from a foreign disk in a workstation or from the recovery console? Where are the share and share permissions stored?
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A problem occurred during the initialization of the I/O system; often the startup device or the file system. Windows XP lost access to the system volume or boot volume during the startup process.    
  Initialisation of the I/O system failed (usually the boot device or the file system). Indicates that Windows lost access to the system volume or boot volume during the startup process. This error always occurs while the system is starting and is often caused by one of the following: Hardware problems; Corrupted or incompatible storage drivers; File system problems; Boot sector viruses; Outdated firmware. During I/O system initialisation, this error can occur when the controller or driver for the startup device (typically the hard disk) failed to initialise the necessary hardware; The file system initialisation failed because the system did not recognise the data on the boot device.
usafactAuthor Commented:
Punky, thanks for the prompt response, the OS is Windows Server 2000. There have been no changes made to this server, drivers, disks, etc...this has been a production server for 3+ years. Mainly I just want to get the share settings, perms, etc from this computer, and move that onto another server with a dns pointer so the roaming profiles users don't know any different tomorrow morning. :)
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Have you tried a repair installation? Boot with the w2k server cd and it should search for a installed windows. If it finds that you should get the option to repair/update. This won't change any settings or software on the server. If that is successful rerun the latest service pack and then all the windows updates.

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Dean ChafeeIT/InfoSec ManagerCommented:
Try disconnecting one of the raid1 mirror drives and restart. If it still fails, try to connect the other mirror drive... try one at a time.  Essentially, force the mirror to break and run each disk stand alone.
Most likely the mirror has become out of sync, possibly due to disk error on one drive.  
I had a similar issue just yesterday and this did the trick. Just something to try.
Dean ChafeeIT/InfoSec ManagerCommented:
Also, you may need to address the "stand alone" drive to be master on the same ide channel as it was originally on which should match the boot.ini config.
usafactAuthor Commented:
I had already ruled out drive failure, cable failure and controller failure. This issue was resolved by using DiskProbe to manually reconfigure corrupted MBR and partition tables with some assistance from Microsoft support.
usafactAuthor Commented:
Points awarded for participation. Thank you for the responses and pointers.
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