Date issue in lotus domino 7 web application

Re: Date issue in lotus domino web application

Hi all,

I have a notes domino app in which users are able to print timesheet from. The timesheet dates the user selects from are in a drop down list which is a @dbcolumn to a view.

This has been working fine for months but after the moving to domino 7, some of the user/not all users are viewing the date in mmddyyyy order as opposed to ddmmyyyy.

I thought that the problem was their regional settings in windows so I checked the date format which happens to be correct ddmmyyyy.

What else could be causing this behaviour?

Thank you all in advance.
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I would try to use the date formatting options to insure that it shows up the way you want.

I hope this helps !
Check the Column properties for the date format.
Also, if the above doesn't work, then make use of @Text function for formatting.
varvouraAuthor Commented:
Thank you both, but Maddy, I am already using the @text to help me with the sorting. As I said, good for everyone but a couple of users who happen to have the operating system regional setting with the correct date format ddmmyyyy
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varvouraAuthor Commented:
Many thanks everyone but nothing seems to help.
I have one more comment which may give you an idea though

User create a document, select data from a date picker to populate the field
Although the user selects the correct date, say for today 10/04/2007 but when I open it at my end it is saved as 04/10/2007. I have checked all my settings, followed Marilyng advise and set registry international setting correctly and made sure the users settings are correct.
What's odd is when I open that users document and change the field value to 10/04/2007, its all OK after that.
What  a nightmare!

check the server settings..?
varvouraAuthor Commented:
But why is everyone other user OK? How could that be?
Ah, sorry.

So, when you open the document on your computer and change the date, it works.  When the user opens it, it doesn't?

Thinking that the registry value on the user's computer hasn't changed, and was installed with the default format.  see here for instructions:!OpenDocument

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varvouraAuthor Commented:
Marilyng,Tried that already from a posting didn't work.

However, I've tested a few times again with the user and he's the scenario
By the way, this is a Web Application & not a Notes Client Application

1. User create a document & populates the date correctly from a picklist
2.User saves & closes the document
3. User opens the document again in his browser after saving it the first time and view the date field in correct format ddmmyyyy at his end
4. I open the document, in my browser and I view the date field reversed to mmddyyyy as opposed to ddmmyyyy
5. I click the date picker and change the date to correct format, then I save & close the document then I reopen the document again & the date field looks correct.
6. However, when I ask the user to open that same document in his browser, he now views the date field in the document in reverse order
7. So in short, the date field seems to flip formats when transferred between both of us(not sure if I explained this correctly)
8. I have corrected both mine and the users regional setting and control panel setting and made sure the server setting are correct as per Marilyng advise above, still not working

Any more ideas will be really appreciated.

Many thanks

6. I save & 

See here for a few options:

I like using a dd MMM YYYY format, myself.  
varvouraAuthor Commented:

Thx again for your help, its much appreicated.

But can I add something to this:

User said today that this problem started to occur only when we upgraded to domino 7. Do you have any hints on that. Could it be a bug?

Also after going through all the settings with the user, I got him to create a document and populate the date field using a JS date picker and saved the doc, when re-opened on that PC the date was changed to mmddyyyy, however he opened that same document on the next computer and it was OK.

I had walked the user through the regional settings and control panel setting step by step.

Although this is a web app but is there a notes.ini option maybe that we can populate on user PC to force this date setting or even on server notes.ini

Many thanks again.

It's been my experience in web pages to use javascript to set and display the date format.   Sadly, I have not run across this because we use the mmddyyyy format, and I generally use  dd mmm yyyy on web pages :)

I don't think this is a domino issue.  

varvouraAuthor Commented:
Marilyn, just to meniton also that on the frameset just underneath the outline I have a date display to display today's date and it is displaying it correctly 16 April 2007

OK, say I have a field calldate on the form where I click a JS datepicker to select the date.
Behind the calendarpicker icon I have the following code
This set the value to the call date field
Can I change any of this to enforce ddmmyyyy format?

The other thing is that this date in combination of a lot of other variables(interval, etc..) on the form are used to construct a datelist and this is usually calculated by invoking a webquerysave agent. Although th date calculation is wrong as the startdate(calldate) is wrong but only the first value in the datelist is mmddyyyy but the rest of the datelist is ddmmyyyy

As if this can get more confusing!!!!!!!!

Sorry marilyng, I swear that I am not being difficult but this is driving me up the wall

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