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Robitic Library not discovered in Veritas 9.1 Backup Exec

Hi All

Ive got a problem with veritas Backup Exec 9.1 not correctly identifying my HP Storageworks Autoloader as a robotic Library,

In short we had a older HP Storageworks Autoloader which failed it was about 2 years old and worked fine before it failed, HP then sent us a new one almost identical but obviously a newer model with new firmware etc

Now veritas is dsiplaying it as a stand alone drive.

I have tried the HP Tape tools and everything seems to be ok, and i have tried the veritas drivers and HP drivers with no change.

I have just tried a uninstall of Veritas and a re install with no change,

Any ideas anyone?
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You probably need to remove , disable any windows drivers before installing veritas drivers.
Also make sure you have the latest patches for veritas.

Definitely consider moving to a newer version since 9.1 is almost ancient !!

I hope this helps !
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im going to give the uninstall another go and disable the autoloader before the restart,

I wish we could get an update but working at a school money is always tight
Run tapeinst.exe and tell it to remove all tape/library drivers, reboot, ignore "found new hardware" messages, run the driver install from

If it still doesn't work disable backup exec services and install L&TT from HP's wesite and test it.

This is assuming it doesn't show an autoloader without any drive and a standalone tape drive in which case you just have to drag the tape onto the library in the device configuration wizard.
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Well L&TT seems to find the autoloader and tells me i have media in all slots

I just tried installing the autoloader on another server and same problem, could this be a firmware problem on the autoloader?

Also i couldnt drag the autoloader into robotic library, its still under stand alone

If it is firmware does anyone know where to get old versions of hp autoloader 448 firmware?
Firmware for L&TT is at  Don't ask me which file though as I don't know part number of your autoloader. L&TT won't let you downgrade the firmware anyway without a password and I can't tell you that

Does the replacement look identical? I know HP have changed OEMs a few times (they don't make libraries). Since it's a warranty replacement why not just phone HP, they'll know whether it is supported by Backup Exec and probably any tricks needed to get it to work.
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So i guess your also saying i need to talk to HP to get a password? or from where?

I did try calling HP before bascially ive had 3 now, in the last few weeks the last had a faulty door

But i was going to call HP but here in the UK they were closed so ill have to wait till Monday
HP support, at least for the UK, is in Bangalore. They follow scripts rather than know the products inside out so they probably won'y give you the password to downgrade firmware.

>Also i couldnt drag the autoloader into robotic library, its still under stand alone

Do you see a tape drive plus an autoloader or just a tape drive? There should be 2 devices listed, if the autoloader isn't there it's more likely the drivers than firmware. Does the changer show up under device manager?
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True ive had that in the past, they alwasy get someone else to call.

check out a screen shot might answer your questions

Just a quick note one device is actually a stand alone device

Is there anything under medium changers in device manager?
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ah interesting, its listed as unknown medium changer, with a microsoft driver and listed as working properly

Is this a case where it is usally a veritas driver or HP Driver
I posted URL for the veritas driver install earlier, it is up there ^^

Couldn't drive back to work and take a digital photo of the library/autoloader and post it on your web can you? It's pretty hard to identify it at the moment. [A link to an accurate picture on HP's web would also do]
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HP StorageWorks 1/8 Tape Autoloader (AF203A)

will try the new drivers now, fingers crossed!!
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no luck with the HP drivers, and cant seem to get the medium changer to locate a veritas driver, do you know where they are located ive searched everywhere!!
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Well the solution ive found was even though the hardware replaced was the same model number it was a different revision, so the only fix was to get the new version of symantec veritas 11d as 9.1 doesnt seem to work with the hardware
Glad you got this resolved, and I did mention that an upgrade would probably help.

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