Active Application on Citrix disappearing

We've got a citrix server that is runnin an application written in Plex and compiled to C++.  The application creates a base .EXE and then a .DLL file for every Windows form inside of it, so the main application makes a call to the library to display forms when they're requested.  This works fine on a standard Windows desktop.

Our problem, when you run it on the Citrix server, anytime a new form is loaded the process ends and the window just disappears.  My theory is that the program is calling (or maybe shelling, I didn't code it) the new form and then Citrix thinks the initial process is done so it closes the window.  

I know this can work, because a year and a half ago we setup our application on another department's Citrix server and it worked fine, which leads me to believe it's possibly a setting somewhere.

Any thoughts?  ;)
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chrisnewman01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try running Process Monitor ( to monitor registry and file access to see where the problem lies.  It's possible that there are permission issues.  (hint, filter or search for ACCESS DENIED or simply DENIED within the Process Monitor to see if that's where the issue is).  If one of the files that are part of the program are returning an error, you may be able to resolve it.
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
We're still researching this.  We've found that a Dr. Watson log is being dumped but it's not very useful at this point.  The weird thing is that it works from a Citrix desktop, and it works if you set the Window preference to 'no preference' as opposed to 'seamless' (which appears to create a mini-desktop with no start bar).  The ActiveX, the Full blown Win32 client and the Java client all behave in the same manner.

The other perplexing part is that it works for 1 user, but no one else and we haven't identified what is different about that user yet.  If I find the definitive solution I'll post it here to save the knowledge (I actually just found this thread again through a Google search while looking for solutions, go figure).  :P
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