CIsco ASA device challenges

Posted on 2007-03-21
Last Modified: 2013-11-12
Cisco ASA device.

I am not able to do tracerts, ping or to see my websites with my public IP adreses just the private IP's
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Need a little more info...are you trying to perform these actions from inside the ASA or from an external host (outside the ASA)?

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trying to perform these actions from inside the network.
I guess I would have to create Nat rules to translate those public IP's?

So for instance my mail server is available via\exchange but it's private IP is
if I try to get to the public IP address from inside my network I get a page cannot be found. however I can reach it via my private IP via\exchange
I also have problems with my other websites as well.
users don't remember private IP's to well :)

So on the ASA I would add a Static IP and then what would I need to do from there?

Also I discovered I canno't do any tracerts or Pings to the outside world and want to be able to do this.
It makes the developers nervous when they are unable to do this.

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Accepted Solution

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The tracerts and pings to the outside world are easy to allow...enter the following commands on the ASA:

access-list acl_outside_in permit icmp any any echo-reply
access-list acl_outside_in permit icmp any any unreachable
access-list acl_outside_in permit icmp any any time-exceeded
access-group acl_outside_in in interface outside

Substitute whatever ACL name you have applied to your outside interface in the above commands.

As for the website access, your users are using the public IP address of an inside web server to access them?  Why don't they use the DNS hostname of those servers?  That's an atypical way of accessing inside web servers.
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Awesome! You da man! well at least that is working

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Can you elaborate on the other problem you are seeing?  In my personal opinion, you should not make your firewall have to process traffic for inside to inside traffic.  Can your internal users use a hostname that you could put in your internal DNS server and let them access your internal web servers that way?

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Lets see if this makes any sense.
If I go into properties and click on the DNS client I noticed there were no DNS entires there.
So I placed my ISP's DNS servers there.
Should I enable DNS Lookup on both the inside and outside interface?

we had a contractor come in a install the device. I have some experience with Cisco Pix 520 firewalls so I am trying to understand why there were no DNS entries. Sometimes looking over the installers shoulders does not help very much. :)
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When you say you "go into properties and click on the DNS client" are you talking about in the ASDM GUI for the ASA or are you talking about the DNS settings for an end user workstation?  Judging from your wording in the next two lines, it sounds like you're talking about the DNS settings for the ASA itself and not a workstation, but I wanted to verify.

If you are talking about the DNS settings for the ASA itself, you can put in a DNS server entry but this would only enable DNS name resolution from the ASA firewall itself, not your end user workstations.  The workstations themselves have to have a DNS server entry in their IP configuration for them to perform DNS name resolution.  Having said this, there are few times when it becomes useful for the ASA to perform DNS resolution.  What I was referring to in my last post was to have your end user workstations resolve the hostname of your internal web servers via DNS rather than making them type in to get to OWA (I assume this is what you are doing).  What I mean is to allow your users to use something like instead, where the DNS hostname resolves to  If this was configured, then your internal users would not even hit the ASA for this traffic flow to happen.  Of course, you would have to have your own internal DNS server to have an entry to a private address like the address.  Do you have an internal DNS server?  If you don't there is a way called DNS rewrite to perform what I think you want to do.  Post back and elaborate on your particular situation and we'll take a look!

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