Co-relating Calendar and Tasks in Outlook 2003

Hello all:

Pertains to Outlook 2003 on Windows XP Pro.

I would like for items that I enter in Calendar to automatically show up in Tasks and vice versa.  That way I enter them only once and it shows up in both places.

Any help in this will be greatly appreciated.


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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is possible with one caveat.  It's pretty simple to trap an add to say the calendar and create a coresponding task.  But keeping them up to date after that is a lot more complex.  If you only want the former, then I can put the code together for doing that.  If instead you want to add and keep them in sync, then I recommend looking for a commercial Outlook add-in. ( maintains a good list of add-ins and utilities.
driven13Author Commented:
Hello BlueDevilFan:

Thanx for replying. Could you please elaborate when you say "keeping them up to date" ....???

Also, are you saying that using your code, I could:

1) Add an item in Task and it will automatically show up in Calendar and also
2) Add an item in Calendar and it will automatically show up in Tasks?

Thank you again,

driven13Author Commented:

I think for now we have figured out a "work-around" for this problem:  We just drag a task to the Calendar OR drag a Calendar item to Task to achieve what we need for now.

Thanx for your time and I may take you up on your offer at a later date.....[:0)


David LeeCommented:
Yes, dragging an item acheives the desired end result, it just requires manual action.  What I meant by "keeping them up to date" is to keep them in sync.  For example, let's say you add an appointment and some code creates a coresponding task automatically.  Some time after the task is created the appointment changes.  The task is know no longer in sync with the matching appointment.  For this process to work well you really want the items to be synced automatically.  The answer to both of your questions is "yes".  The code would automatically create a matching task for new appointments and a matching appointment for new tasks.
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