0x45A Error on Window s Vista Home Basic install, winsetup.dll not found.

I have a Windows XP Pro installation. We are upgrading to Windows Vista Home Basic. I tried to install the upgrade from booting the DVD and was told that it had to start from in the current windows. That is bad because often we simply upgrade machines that have OS problems and that always fixed the problem. Now it appears that can not be done? Or can it? Anyway, I start the existing OS and load the DVD. When it runs it comes back with a flag 0x45A saying the winsetup.dll is missing. Indeed it is not. The DVD works fine on another machine. (just to check). I searched the DVD and the file is on the DVD. I am at a loss what's going on. I even copied the file to the windows/system32 directory and verified it's there. That is in the path. It still returns the flag?
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How much RAM is on that workstation?
I had the same problem when trying to install Windows XP and Vista on a machine.

Run memtest86 from a floppy to find out which memory bank is bad.
ftitus2Author Commented:
This has just had 512mb of new memory installed on it to comply with Vista requirements. I'll try to run the memory test.

I spent all morning with Microsoft tech support. I was asked to re-register the file but that failed. I then was told to run SFC /scannow and that too failes, it just hangs up. I was asked to try copying the file from the Win XP disk to /windows/system32 but the file is not on the XP SP1 PRO disk. He then asked to try from another sp2 disk and it was not there in i386 either. I was asked to try running XP Pro install and that works and we stopped at the Key entry. He then transfered me to a XP tech support (was at vista). After 15 minutes of reading the problem, he told me that it was not an XP problem but Vista installation problem. I was transfered back to Vista tech support and waited another 15 minutes or so while he read the problem reports. His conculsion was that it was a Windows XP problem and he transfered me back to Windows XP support. At that time, I was out of phone time and had to arrange a callback since I could not remain on the phone any longer. On my own I found the winsetup.dll on the Vista upgrade disk and copied it into the Windows System 32 folder already and that did not help. I will also note that I talked to MS tech support in BC last night and she told me to read the writing under the red upgrade on the front of the box. It says that some times you have to do a clean install. I asked today how to do a clean install since there is no place I see to do so. I was told today that you CAN NOT DO A CLEAN INSTALL from the VIsta Home Basic Upgrade DVD. That's weird since is plainly says you may have to do a clean install as pointed out by the tech support lady in BC last night. We will revert when we see what comes from further chat with the technicians when I get time to spend on the phone again.
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You can do a clean install. Just install WinXP, run the upgrade DVD. When the computer reboots it will get to a point and ask you what to do with the drive/partition. Format the drive/partition when it asks this and that will invoke a clean install of Vista.
ftitus2Author Commented:
No, I can not do a clean install. I can not do any installation. No matter where you boot or start the install from, the first splash screen has a button saying "install". That click is where the error flag comes up.
Replace your RAM and try again
ftitus2Author Commented:
Well, we ran out of time on this one. I had to return the machine to it's owner with the existing copy of Windows XP Pro on it. I did a clean install of Windows XP Pro and then tried to install the Vista Upgrade and it failed. It failed this time saying that the machine was not APCI compatable. I can not update the bios as the motherboard is generic an there is not a single number or name on the thing to ID it. The bios does show a APCI listing and that is indeed turned on. I guess perhaps this was the problem all along but why it was returning the error it was I can not say. Why it is on and says it's not compatable I can not say either. I guess this should be a zero point question??

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