Cannot open second IE window

Win2K SP4
IE 6
Unable to open a second instance of IE page.
With IE open I am  attempting to launch a second window from a link. The second window flashes and then closes.
I do not see anything within IE Properties/Advanced that could be causing this.
System does not have any type of Yahoo, etc. toolbar.
No pop up blockers installed on system.
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You must have a popup blocker that you have forgotten.  Look in Google toolbar, antivirus, antispyware, and firewall for the popup blocker.

Holding down the CTRL key and then clicking the link will bypass many popup blockers.
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
Thank you War but there aren't any pop up blockers installed on this system. Even when I hold down CTRL and select the link, the window fails to open. Any other ideas?
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How much RAM or empty diskspace do you have?
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
The system is new. GX520 1G RAM. Could you explain how this might tie in to a new IE window failing to open? I'm curious as to what I may not know. David
ZoneAlarm has a popup blocker. Norton antivirus has popup blocker. Spysweeper has a popup blocker.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With your systems it isn't the problem. I was only thinking of an old PC with just enough RAM to run win2k (about 32MB is needed I think). Such a system may not have enough of it to open another instance of IE. The same thought was with the diskspace, if there is little RAM and not enough diskspace, it won't be able to swap out running apps to free enough RAM for the 2nd IE instance.
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
The system has Norton anti-virus Corporate edition. I do not see where I can enable or disable a pop up blocker in this suite.
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
Thank you Rindi. I understand your initial post now. Still no luck here though.
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
I think this may be Java related. I am able to open some second windows from within IE.
For one of the links that failed to open I looked at its properties and found;
I think this is where it is failing.
I have the latest Java installed. This is the only link to the windows that fail to open and those that will open.
David-HowardAuthor Commented:
I've found a workaround with Firefox. Although I would like to troubleshoot this to the end I don't have the time.
Actions taken (under two different profiles).
Multiple Java versions uninstalled/installed. No success.
IE uninstalled/reinstalled. No success.
Link is designed within Adobe Pro. This application was uninstalled/reinstalled. No success.
Firefox installed. Tested satisfactorily under multiple profiles.
Thanks for all of your help. I'm quite certain that this is a Java issue of some sort. I just can't prove it.
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