Display a progress when data is being pulled from database...asp.net 2005

I am using ASP.net 2005.
When one of the page is loaded (Datacall.aspx), its making a call to Database and kind of takes 4-5 seconds.
i would like to show a progress bar or something so that users know that some processing is going on.
Best thing would be to show some icon that rotates when a report is being displayed in Reporting services.

I would greatly appreciate your efforts.

Thanks in advance
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SystemExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:

plz see this link from MSDN you will be able to solve your problem


Thanks & Regards

Junior_DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Can you help me out with the provided link.
i added it to my page souce but it does not recognises atlas key word
Thats probably because you need to install the asp AJAX framework. You can download from www.asp.net and look on the ajax tab.  You might also want to consider getting the ajax control toolkit as well.
Karinloos is correct, you need to download ajax framework in order to run ajax
here is the direct ajax site http://ajax.asp.net/
you can see the Ajax docs on http://ajax.asp.net/docs/
download link for ajax extensions
of course you can see all of the Ajax controls in action on the Ajax toolkit site

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