Converting a .CSV format to a 97-2003 .XLS format

Is there a VB script where i can take a .csv file and convert it to a MS Excel 97-2003 .xls format?  I want to automate the process of opening a .csv file in Excel, doing the save as, selecting "Microsoft Excel 97-Excel 2003 &5.0/95 Workbook (*.xls)" and saving.  Is this possible?
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samopalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
dim oEx
set oEx=Createobject("Excel.Application")
oEx.Workbooks.Open "C:\Test\Book1.csv"
oEx.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "C:\Test\Book1csv.xls", -4143, , , False, False
rortiz77Author Commented:
Samopal....your a rock star!!! Thanks  B^)
rortiz77Author Commented:
Hmmm...don't supposed you have another trick up your sleeve.  The sever doesn't have MS-Excel installed so it can't find the needed files.  I get error:

"ActiveX component Can't create object: 'Excel.Application'
Code: 800A01AD
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error"
If you want to convert your file to Excel, you should have Excel installed - I cannot see any other way.
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