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join to domain

I am trying to join Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003 AD and I am getting the following error
"the executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service"
I am using DNS integrated and to AD. I am also running WINS.

The windows 2000 server is point to DNS and WINS. I don't know why its not working.
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What Functional levels are you running the current domain/forest?

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I have few 2000 servers already running on the network. This is something new. the Function levels are set windows 2003 server for both domain/forest
if this is not a DC then 2003 must accept it. please post the ip address details for server 2003 and 2000.
do you have NetBios enabled on server 2003?
when I did dcpromo I did configured the netbios that time.

well ip address of dc is and the w2k server ip is

How do I verify netbois is running.?
go to TCP/IP propeties - on general tab - advanced - wins - NetBios settings (set to Default)
on 2k server, verify preferred DNS server and default gateway =
the dns is right. i can ping anything on the network. I have wins ip address and enable lmhost lookup is check and enable NETbios over TCP/IP is check.
HI Phadke_hemant:I did what yo asked me do but still it didn't work.
If the Forest and Domain functional levels are at 2003 then all your Windows 2000 DCs are not working properly and you can't add any more.

"Raising the domain and forest functional levels to Windows Server 2003 is a nonreversible task and prohibits the addition of Windows NT 4.0–based or Windows 2000–based domain controllers to the environment. Any existing Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000–based domain controllers in the environment will no longer function. Before raising functional levels to take advantage of advanced Windows Server 2003 features, ensure that you will never need to install domain controllers running Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 in your environment."

Its just a Windows 2000 Appplication Server. I am not making a DC.
Oh, sorry about that!!  Somehow I had DCPROMO on the brain here and thought you were trying to make it a DC.

Make sure the computer name is not already in Active Directory.

What is running on it?

please verify that firewall is turned off on win server 2003.
Do you have any ISA server running on your network?
there is no firewall between the win2k server and the DC
netman66 the computer name is not in the AD
do you have another 2000 server? just for testing join it to domain so that we can check whether your original 2000 server has some problem
You still have not let us know what you are running on that server (as the Application).

Sometimes installed apps use accounts to run their services that cannot be changed to domain accounts - if I knew what apps were running maybe it might shed some light on this error.
Phadke_hemant: I have tried on two Windows 2000 server and It doesn't work. If I do a clean install of Windows 2000 server then I don't have problem joining to a Domain. I started to have problems when I image machines with Windows 2000 server using any kind of GHOST. If I ghost any other OS besides Windows 2000 server then I don't have any issue.

Netman66: Its an image of clean build. As of now it is not running any application on the server.
Did you run sysprep before you imaged it?
Yes I did ran sysprep.
So any thing guys??
Install the Support tools on one of those servers having issues.

Run NETDIAG /v and post the output.

Also, post the exact Event Log messages relating to this problem.

I found the answer for this and it was the NTP
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