Cisco PIX501 VPN - Startup Wizard vs Manual Startup


I am still learning the PIX501, but I've run into a situation that I am hoping someone can help explain.

When I setup a PIX from factory default settings using PDM, if I go to Configuration -> Interfaces and set the external interface to use PPPoE (which is what I use).  A few seconds later, PDM shows the interface as active.  If I go to Tools -> Ping and I ping an external address, it doesn't work by default.  If I select "Outside" interface from the drop down list and try again, it works fine.  Even though this is the case, I cannot get online with any computers inside of the network.

If I start using a PIX from factory default and I use the Startup Wizard, setting PPPoE in there, I immediately get access to the internet from all machines inside of my network.  Also if I go to Tools -> Ping in PDM, I can ping an outside address fine without selecting the "Outside" interface specifically.

So, my question is, what is the Startup wizard doing extra that I am not.  I hate relying on a wizard as I will be responsible for maintaining these in the future.  Any thoughts or ideas that I could look into would be appreciated.  

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I believe that the startup wizard configured NAT for you with the following commands:

global (outside) 1 interface
nat (inside) 1

These are needed for outbound Internet access from your inside hosts.  Are you performing this step when you configure it the manual way?

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compsol1993Author Commented:
Hmm, ok I will test that, to see if it is the case.

Is there anyway on the PIX to save the configuration off of the device to a file on my desktop?  I'd like to save this working configuration while experimenting, but the only option I see is saving to a TFTP server, which I do not have access to.

If you can't install a TFTP server, you can use hyperterm to capture the output of show config and save it to a text file.

When manually setting for PPPoE using the PDM, did  you check the box "Obtain Default Route using PPPoE" ?
compsol1993Author Commented:
Yes I did check that box "Obtain Default Route using PPPoE.

Ok, I will do that.  How would I completely load that text file back to the PIX?  I assume there is a quick way, I just haven't done it before.

To re-load the config:

pix#clear config all
pix#config term

Now open the text config file in notepad, Edit | select all | Copy

pix(config)# <right-click, Paste to host>
watch for errors
pix(config)#write mem

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