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I just spent 30 minutes or so reading through threads on a product called "crossloop" - Remote Access desktop control type application.  This folllowing quite a bit of googling and researching GoToAssist, Teamviewer, TightVNC, LogMeIn etc. etc. I am looking for Remote Desktop Control assistance software that is quick to setup,  simple to use and without significant security implications.

I support 45 users - 2 locations - about a third who access remotely.  Both locations are firewalled (ISA 2004 at one location and Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall on other).

This would be more a bonus app than a necessity but advantageous if it was not overly expensive and met the above requirements.

If I'm following the drift correctly Crossloop will be recording all of the IP addresses involved between Host and client in order to facilitate connections through firewalls on either or both ends.  A couple of posts seemed to indicate concern about this - I could understand if the addresses were static -

Are there significant security issues of concern with this type of software?  Does anyone have recommendations or comments on software in this arena?

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Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Never heard of that software, however I do use remote software.

has the sites got a Server installed?

If so create a VPN connection between you and them, and just use RPD with LAN ip's to connect. as long as the VPN is established, your pretty much solid.

If no server, look into a program called ultraVNC. its a port of VNC, but allows for encryption modules to be placed at either side so that the password to connect is hard to brute force (if not impossible).

they also do a "reverse" program, where the EU would double click an item, and you get a popup asking if its ok for you to view their desktop. this involves no firewall modification at their end, just 5500 open to your pc you are working from.

personally id go for
1) VPN
2) reverse ultravnc.

gl :)
This    is by far the best remote control software. We use it for remote support into Aston Villa FC. It installs a service on the PC you connect to for ease of use and can even remove the service upon you exiting. It is vey easy to seup and even been used to secretly monitor users sessions. Download a demo at above web site. Oh and its cheap :0)

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yep, thats why i included a link to it
Why did you accept that answer when the same one was given ages before?
jay, your link wasn't direct and you didn't make it clear on which one was best to use. Also I have tried that web site damaged existence and it's painfully slow EVERY time you go to it.
well if you would like to host it for me feel free.....

The link was perfectly clear and there is no direct answer as to what is best, it comes down to opinion and price, the real best answer is RDP, its meets all criteria, is the fastest, is the most secure and is free.

Points are yours -  I just dont understand the logic behind a repeated answer
tomethAuthor Commented:
My sincere apologies Jay - While it's true that the link provided was without issue for me - the truth is I went back roughly a week afterwards to close out the question & would have split the points but I had a hard time time finding the method within the new interface - was in a hurry and didn't have the time to work through it so I gave a cursory reread of the answers and awarded to Shayne.  My goof, and I am sorry.
You have no need to apologise :) Its all ok - as long as you got what you were looking for as thats the main reason behind it all :)

Cheers Bud, Have a good weekend!
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