Forcing updates through WSUS

What determines the speed that an update is pushed down to the PC from WSUS after Install has been selected?

Is there a way to force the updates?

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group policy is generally what you use to control the update configs on the client machines
computer config\administrative templates\windows components\windows update
user config\administrative templates\windows components\windows update
those are the two locations in group policy to change the settings
and yes there are options to specify immediate installing etc.
"Is there a way to force the updates?" Issue the follwing command>

wuauclt /detectnow

This forces the client to check into the WSUS server. After running this command you can run the command>


To see your client to WSUS server connected.
taborrgAuthor Commented:
I ran wuauclt /detectnow
and netstat.exe doesn't show a connection the the WSUS server,

We had to use port 8530 because we have a web site at port 80.
When I try to access http://OurWebSite:8530 I get a "You are not authorized to view this page."

Is there a rights issue?


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taborrgAuthor Commented:
When I open the SQL Server Service Manager it doesn't show any server connection.  How do I  start the SQL server?

sometimes when you run wuauclt /detectnow it may tak eup to 10 minutes for the client to try to connect to the WSUS server. I typically run netstat.exe 5 which loops the netstat connection every 5 seconds and you can watch for the connection. Also you may want to try the following on the client.

net stop wuauserv
del windowsupdate.log
net start wuauserv
wuauclt /detectnow
notepad windowsupdate.log
rem look for any errors in the log and post them. Be sure to rename or remaove any references to ip address before posting.

As for your other question about SQL, what version of SQL are you running?

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taborrgAuthor Commented:
I'm running the SQL that auto installed with WSUS.
taborrgAuthor Commented:
Services show:

MSSQL$WSUS                      Automatic   Started
MSSQLServerADHelper        Manual not started
SQLAgent$WSUS                  Manual  not started
taborrgAuthor Commented:
I removed the date and time to fit this window.
I have GPO set for 1 hour detection frequency, but this say 22.  I'm running gpupdate /force, but it's been running for 5 minutes without ending.

Here's windowsupdate.log, no apparent error messages:

1076      a2c      Misc      ===========  Logging initialized (build:, tz: -1000)  ===========
1076      a2c      Misc        = Process: C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe
1076      a2c      Misc        = Module: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuaueng.dll
1076      a2c      Service      *************
1076      a2c      Service      ** START **  Service: Service startup
1076      a2c      Service      *********
1076      a2c      Agent        * WU client version
1076      a2c      Agent        * SusClientId = 'd1b61037-bf70-4bba-bb74-71f673d699ac'
1076      a2c      Agent        * Base directory: C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution
1076      a2c      Agent        * Access type: No proxy
1076      a2c      Agent        * Network state: Connected
1076      a2c      Agent      ***********  Agent: Initializing Windows Update Agent  ***********
1076      a2c      Agent      ***********  Agent: Initializing global settings cache  ***********
1076      a2c      Agent        * WSUS server: http://ourweb1:8530
1076      a2c      Agent        * WSUS status server: http://ourweb1:8530
1076      a2c      Agent        * Target group: (Unassigned Computers)
1076      a2c      Agent        * Windows Update access disabled: No
1076      a2c      DnldMgr      Download manager restoring 0 downloads
1076      a2c      AU      ###########  AU: Initializing Automatic Updates  ###########
1076      a2c      AU        # WSUS server: http://ourweb1:8530
1076      a2c      AU        # Detection frequency: 22
1076      a2c      AU        # Approval type: Pre-install notify (User preference)
1076      a2c      AU        # Auto-install minor updates: No (User preference)
1076      a2c      AU        # Auto update required (cannot be disabled)
taborrgAuthor Commented:
I got the SQL server running.  It needed to have "ourweb\wsus" enterer as the SQL server name, then it found the services and started.

Found at:

taborrgAuthor Commented:
OK - Starting the SQL service did the job.

Thanks for the great help.  I would like to split the points.
Glad it all worked out.
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