Convert .avi to DVD

I need to convert .avi files to DVD for playback on Television and would like to know which method or software requires the least amount of space on a burnable disc (CD RAM included) or a secure digital memory card?
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Hello marina converting avi to dvd is rather complex, you need a dvd burner as well, a cd burner will not burn dvd..,
To stick with a cd burner you can convert your avi to what is called video cd  VCD which is playable on a dvd player on the tv.
You have not mentioned what burner you have or what programs you currently have for editing AVI or movies.
You'll need to convert your avi to mpeg first.
AVI to MPEG Converter
Do you have Nero express?
How to Burn a VCD with Nero

Please let us knwo what you have
cd burner dvd burner
Nero or some other burner
Thank you
Marina2006Author Commented:
I have a DVD burner and use Nero 7
geat well you should be fine..
Yoru Nero does have a great User guide. At start all programs Nero User guides.

How many cd dvd do you have to maybe fail burns sory we all have had to buy cheap discs incase we fail, learn by errors sadly.
Do you have Nero Vision? you will need to use this program to convert to dvd.
To assist you I think pictures help the most so I'll have to provide links.

This guide is to show you how to burn a compliant DVD that will play in virtually all DVD players using Nero Burning ROM. It covers the settings you should change for each tab, as well as step by step instructions for creating a compliant DVD.
How to convert all video formats to DVD using Nero Vision 4  fully illistrated step by step
good luck
Regards Merete
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Marina2006: there is dvd shrink, if you have dvd and wish to back them up to a compliant 4.7 blank dvd and keep the same dvd wuality but just a bit smaller use dvd shrink.
download on the left side of this guide
Hi Marina2006,

You can use the following program to convert your .avi files to .vob files (DVD format):


Super is a completely free video/audio converter that achieves for free what most can't achieve for money!
Direct download link:

Simply drag and drop the file into the program, select your output container and away it goes!

You can then use ifoedit to create the missing .bup and .ifo files needed in order for your DVD to play on a standalone player. See below for how to do this:

You then place all the .vob .bup and .ifo files into a folder called VIDEO_TS
and create another empty folder called AUDIO_TS at root level.

Finally burn these 2 folders to a DVD using Nero.

Hope this helps!
Hi again,

it appears the direct download link for Super has changed as they have just updated the software 14th March. Here is the new direct download link:

Good luck! - If you need any more help, just ask!
Marina2006Author Commented:
How do these compare to the first convert to MPEG4 option the DVD supports MPEG4 playback?
Hi Marina2006:  what we are suggestion is to convert your avi to mpeg so that it can be converted once again to dvd format which is VOBS and IFO
This is the standard format for DVD

What's on a DVD?

If you take a prebought DVD insert it into your DVD rom player but dont play it go to my computer and r/click the dvd rom player and explore it.
You will see probably one folder VIDEO_TS.
Inside this is the vobs etc, go to the VIEW >>details, you can see the sizes the largest is teh main full movie which you play all by itself in power dvd or your dvd player.
But when making your own you must have both. VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS which is empty
If you have any other questions ask away okay
Regards Merete
If you prefer to see what shuboarder offered as a direct install,
here it is

Hi, that program is different from the one I am suggesting :)

This link will allow you to conver from .avi to .vob directly:

However in order to create a working DVD, additional files are required along side the converted file. These can be created using ifoedit, and the link I posted in my first comment points to a thread which explains what to do!

DVD is essentially MPEG2 Format renamed with extension .vob
MPEG4 will not play back unless converted to MPEG2, so really your best bet is to convert from avi to mpg to vob, or using the program I suggested, straight from .avi to .vob

Good luck!
shuboarder, I knew it was different from your free version  was only meant to show it  so Marina could look at it, your link was a .exe installer.
Maybe its just me but I dont automatically trust .exe downloads given to me.
No harm intended on your suggestion.
Cheers M

ConvertXtoDVD is a tool for converting video files to dvd-video.
Marina2006Author Commented:
I have actually burned many .avi to disc as VOB I am really trying to find out whether there is any way I can get more onto a disc by using a different file type.

for example would a MPEG file be smaller than a VOB for the same .avi file?
Hi, avi is very different format to vobs, mpeg is smaller than, okay I shall list the sizes
Vobs is the biggest best quality
avi depends on the size you setup. As you can make these smaller.Uncompressed avi very very big.
WMV small
flash is the smallest.
But for the purposes of playing these movies on a tv dvd player you have actually 4 options.
Convert to DVD fits only one movie but plays on standard tv dvd player
Convert to Video CD (VCD) fits only one movie but plays on standard tv DVD player
OR, and this is the 2 different approaches,
you can buy dvd players that support divx and other files types, you can then burn up to 6 avi onto a dvd as data these new dvd players will play them.
One example I have a Gruendig dvd player and it supports my data dvd whoch have 6 avi burnt on them.
There is other dvd that support this.
And then there is a video card with TV out,  or a pci card that can connect your pc to tv.
you simply hook up your pc to the TV.

If you have any other questions fire away

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