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My company’s management is exploring the possible of having our email hosted by a third party instead of being done in house. We are currently on Exchange 5.5 and holding on migrating to Exchange 2007 because of this. Here's my question. My company has about 85 users some of which have access to other people calendars and mailboxes. Can this still be done if email is hosted outside our company? What are the pros and con's of not having an Exchange server in house?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is talk (mainly from the hosting industry) that everyone under 100 users should be looking at hosted Exchange rather than using their own kit.
How this works with regards to unified messaging is still to be answered and makes the hosters go quiet.

If you are considering going to E2007 then you will lose a number of features - unified messaging is the major feature loss.
You will also lose some of the features in OWA like remote folder access to your own file servers and/or Sharepoint servers.

Something I am seeing happening more often now though is hosting your own kit in a data centre. Particularly if you have a high number of remote users you can see some performance gains.


Yes, if you go with an Exchange hosted solution you will be able to most of those thigns you already do.  You can set permissions so users can access other users calendars, mailboxes, etc.  You can do delegates and more.  I personally like to have my mail in house just for control purposes.  However, I have seen some who have had great success with 3rd party hosted Exchange.  Really depends if you want to be able to resolve issues in house, make changes etc, or call a 3rd party.  No granted most simple things you can manage through the web interface that they provide, like adding users, groups etc.
compdigit44Author Commented:
What can't you do with an Exchange hosted email solution?
MATTHEW_LConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The full level of administration that you get in the building.  Not sure if you can choose what virus / spam filtering you want or they provide whatever they use.  The flexibility to make changes to your OWA pages etc, install additonal software etc.

If it's not available in their web interface, you would have to call them.  Whereas your own server hosted internally, a quick RDP session into it and you can change whatever you like.

I mean the benefits though also are that you are not responsible for mainteance or fixing problems etc, which takes some load off of your plate.
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