Automatic checklist based publishing report system?

I am searching for a method to develop an automated published report process based on a series of yes or no critera.

Our office does program inspections that follow strict policy and instructional guidance and we normally are required to follow a checklist and manually draft up a report.  What we would like to do is utilize our tablet PC's to setup a YES / NO / NA checklist so that based on each selection it will automatically insert a predetermined paragraph in to a document based on the current item number for the checklist.  By the time we complete the entire checklist most of our program review report will already be prepared with minimal manual preperation.

Does anyone know of any specific software that is currently on the market that can be utilized for this and the degree of complexity that is required to operate it effectively?  Or perhaps this sort of task is only avaliable through custom programming.  I am not specialized in programming; however, if that is the only route which type of code is best used to interact with MS office and would be most properly suited for this project?
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We use a spreadsheet with our yes/no type criteria.  Once our data is input is directs us to the proper template to use.  So we are using MS Excel and MS Word templates for ours.  

I cannot share ours as it is proprietary data.
You could put the questions in a spreadsheet (as mentioned by RDAdams), then use the macro language in your word processor to look across into the spreadsheet at the value of each Yes/No cell in turn to decide whether to insert a paragraph (from file) into the text (IF cell contents=Yes THEN insert parax).  It might be that "Yes" inserts one para, "No" inserts a different para, which would mean the use of IF THEN ELSE.

What you would do is save the spreadsheet, go into the wordprocessor, and run the macro.

If using Word then you would use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), which is built into MS Office Apps, but other Office applications also have similar macro languages.

Care has to be taken that the cells in the spreadsheet don't change.  If some bright spark decides to add a fancy heading or similar to the spreadsheet then this may mess up which cell is referenced.  If you give the answer Cells a name this would reduce the effect of that problem.

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SpazalazAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I understand the concept completely, I just have a faulty grasp of even simple visual basic, until I have the time off of primary projects I will have to find additional assistance.  I will post another question for help with the code specifics.  As for this question, i believe it has been fairly answered.
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