Error referring to form field

Posted on 2007-03-22
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I have some JavaScript that I can't seem to get to work. I will insert my code to show you what I am doing. The commented part seems to be the problem although I could definately be wrong. As soon as I uncomment them, I am getting an error 'object expected'. Otherwise the alert works fine.

here is the functions

var leaderArray = new Array();
$query = "SELECT * FROM managers order by name";    
$result = mysql_query($query);
while( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result) )
       $query2 = "SELECT * FROM managers WHERE name = '".$row['name']."'";
       $result2 = mysql_query($query2);      
       echo "leaderArray[".$row['id']."] = new Array();\n";    
       while( $row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2) ){
              echo "leaderArray[".$row['id']."].push('".$row2['leader']."');\n";          

function Fill_Sub(inputManager) {
//var lead =;    

//for(var no=0;no<leaderArray[inputManager].length;no++)//{    
//mgr_leader.options[leader.options.length] = new Option(leaderArray[inputManager][no],leaderArray[inputManager][no]);    

Here is the fields in the form:
<tr><td width="95">Manager:</td>
<td><select name='manager' class='ta' onchange="Fill_Sub(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);">
<option selected><?php echo $manager ?></option>
$query = "SELECT * FROM managers ORDER BY name";
$result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
      $manager = mysql_fetch_array($result);
      <option value="<?php echo $manager['id'] ?>"><?php echo $manager['name'] ?></option>
<td>Senior Manager:</td>
<td><select name='mgrleader' class='ta' value="<?php echo $leader ?>">
<option selected></option>
<option>Select a manager</option>

I am sorry I don't have very many points to use on this question...
Question by:JJ123
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Expert Comment

ID: 18776221
I think the problem is here:


You have a mgr_leader select tag, but you don't seem to have a "leader" object anywhere.

Author Comment

ID: 18780047
That probably was a problem. I've changed it. But as soon as I take the commenting off of the line where I am creating the variable lead, I get an error - "Expected Identifier". Is there something wrong with that line specifically?

function Fill_Sub(inputManager){

var lead =;    
//for(var no=0;no<leaderArray[inputManager].length;no++)//{    
//lead.options[lead.options.length] = new Option(leaderArray[inputManager][no],leaderArray[inputManager][no]);    

Author Comment

ID: 18794581
maybe seeing the source would help...
var leaderArray = new Array();
leaderArray[1] = new Array();
leaderArray[1].push('Mike Thomas');
leaderArray[2] = new Array();
leaderArray[2].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[3] = new Array();
leaderArray[3].push('Brent Selin');
leaderArray[4] = new Array();
leaderArray[4].push('Colin McIntyre');
leaderArray[5] = new Array();
leaderArray[5].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[6] = new Array();
leaderArray[6].push('Amy-Jo Strutt');
leaderArray[7] = new Array();
leaderArray[7].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[8] = new Array();
leaderArray[8].push('Karen Sonntag');
leaderArray[9] = new Array();
leaderArray[9].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[10] = new Array();
leaderArray[10].push('Brent Selin');
leaderArray[11] = new Array();
leaderArray[11].push('Colin McIntyre');
leaderArray[12] = new Array();
leaderArray[12].push('Brian Salmond');
leaderArray[13] = new Array();
leaderArray[13].push('Brent Selin');
leaderArray[14] = new Array();
leaderArray[14].push('Brad Krill');
leaderArray[15] = new Array();
leaderArray[15].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[16] = new Array();
leaderArray[16].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[17] = new Array();
leaderArray[17].push('Brenda Nielsen');
leaderArray[18] = new Array();
leaderArray[18].push('John Hickman');
leaderArray[19] = new Array();
leaderArray[19].push('Richard Bothe');
leaderArray[20] = new Array();
leaderArray[20].push('Brent Selin');
leaderArray[21] = new Array();
leaderArray[21].push('John Hickman');
leaderArray[22] = new Array();
leaderArray[22].push('Brent Selin');
leaderArray[23] = new Array();
leaderArray[23].push('Richard Bothe');
leaderArray[24] = new Array();
leaderArray[24].push('Brad Krill');
leaderArray[25] = new Array();
leaderArray[25].push('Sian Roberts');
leaderArray[26] = new Array();
leaderArray[26].push('Mike Thomas');
leaderArray[27] = new Array();
leaderArray[27].push('Mike Thomas');
leaderArray[28] = new Array();
leaderArray[28].push('Mike Thomas');
leaderArray[29] = new Array();
leaderArray[29].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[30] = new Array();
leaderArray[30].push('John Hickman');
leaderArray[31] = new Array();
leaderArray[31].push('Jeni Johnson');
leaderArray[32] = new Array();
leaderArray[32].push('John Hickman');
leaderArray[33] = new Array();
leaderArray[33].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[34] = new Array();
leaderArray[34].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[35] = new Array();
leaderArray[35].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[36] = new Array();
leaderArray[36].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[37] = new Array();
leaderArray[37].push('Karen Sonntag');
leaderArray[38] = new Array();
leaderArray[38].push('Michael Clarke');
leaderArray[39] = new Array();
leaderArray[39].push('Karen Sonntag');
leaderArray[40] = new Array();
leaderArray[40].push('Sian Roberts');
leaderArray[41] = new Array();
leaderArray[41].push('John Hickman');
leaderArray[42] = new Array();
leaderArray[42].push('Sian Roberts');
leaderArray[43] = new Array();
leaderArray[43].push('Trieu Vo');
leaderArray[44] = new Array();
leaderArray[44].push('Brenda Nielsen');
leaderArray[45] = new Array();
leaderArray[45].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[46] = new Array();
leaderArray[46].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[47] = new Array();
leaderArray[47].push('John Hickman');
leaderArray[48] = new Array();
leaderArray[48].push('Amy-Jo Strutt');
leaderArray[49] = new Array();
leaderArray[49].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[50] = new Array();
leaderArray[50].push('Mike Thomas');
leaderArray[51] = new Array();
leaderArray[51].push('Trieu Vo');
leaderArray[52] = new Array();
leaderArray[52].push('Kieran Gunning');
leaderArray[53] = new Array();
leaderArray[53].push('Sian Roberts');
leaderArray[54] = new Array();
leaderArray[54].push('Brenda Nielsen');
leaderArray[55] = new Array();
leaderArray[55].push('Scott Wilcocks');
leaderArray[56] = new Array();
leaderArray[56].push('Jeni Johnson');
leaderArray[57] = new Array();
leaderArray[57].push('Amy-Jo Strutt');

function Fill_Sub(inputManager)

          var lead =;    
          //for(var no=0;no<leaderArray[inputManager].length;no++)
            //lead.options[lead.options.length] = new Option(leaderArray[inputManager][no],leaderArray[inputManager][no]);    

<tr><td width="95">Manager:</td>
<td><select name='manager' class='ta' onchange="Fill_Sub(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);">
<option selected></option>
      <option value="1">Aaron Fraser</option>
            <option value="2">Amy-Jo Strutt</option>
            <option value="3">Bill Hoffart</option>
            <option value="4">Brad Greenhorn</option>
            <option value="5">Brad Krill</option>
            <option value="6">Brenda Nielsen</option>
            <option value="7">Brent Selin</option>
            <option value="8">Brian McClure</option>
            <option value="9">Brian Salmond</option>
            <option value="10">Chris Graham</option>
            <option value="11">Chris Metcalfe</option>
            <option value="12">Colin McIntyre</option>
            <option value="13">Dave Morris</option>
            <option value="14">David Woo</option>
            <option value="15">Dean Bisset</option>
            <option value="16">Dean Bissett</option>
            <option value="17">Debbie Coulter</option>
            <option value="18">Debbie Craig</option>
            <option value="19">Doug Hudgeon</option>
            <option value="20">Eric Baethke</option>
            <option value="21">Eric Winter</option>
            <option value="22">Ernie Mah</option>
            <option value="23">Florrie Drake</option>
            <option value="24">Frank Fida</option>
            <option value="25">Gary Dobransky</option>
            <option value="26">Jag Gill</option>
            <option value="27">James Markwart</option>
            <option value="28">Jamie Broughton</option>
            <option value="29">Jeni Johnson</option>
            <option value="30">Jesse Parker</option>
            <option value="31">Jodi Baker</option>
            <option value="32">John Gardippe</option>
            <option value="33">John Hankins</option>
            <option value="34">John Hickman</option>
            <option value="35">Karen Sonntag</option>
            <option value="36">Kelly Hoondal</option>
            <option value="37">Kelly Houston</option>
            <option value="38">Kieran Gunning</option>
            <option value="39">Kirk Hennel</option>
            <option value="40">Kristine McIntyre</option>
            <option value="41">Linda Guo</option>
            <option value="42">Mark Hinman</option>
            <option value="43">Mark Kelman</option>
            <option value="44">Mike Neumann</option>
            <option value="45">Mike Thomas</option>
            <option value="46">Pearl Doerksen</option>
            <option value="47">Phil Coulombe</option>
            <option value="48">Richard Bothe</option>
            <option value="49">Robert Seddon</option>
            <option value="50">Roberta Tobin</option>
            <option value="51">Roy Joseph</option>
            <option value="52">Scott Willcocks</option>
            <option value="53">Sergio Reveles</option>
            <option value="54">Sharon Field</option>
            <option value="55">Sian Roberts</option>
            <option value="56">Teresa Darcangelo</option>
            <option value="57">Trieu Vo</option>
<td>Senior Manager:</td>
<td><select name='mgr_leader' class='ta' value="">
<option selected></option>
<option>Select a manager</option>

Accepted Solution

JJ123 earned 0 total points
ID: 18795237
Well it looks like I just solved the issue. The page was named 'new' and Java didn't seem to like that. I renamed it and it is now working just fine. Thanks for trying to help stanscott2 but I am going to try to recover my points.


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