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create a script or batch file to stop a service, execute an exe, then start the service

I need to create a batch or script that does the following...

STOP a service


Then RESTART the service backup but ONLY AFTER the EXE has been exited / closed out

I remember doing this years ago but I just can not for the life of me remember how I accomplished the task.
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Problem here is "waiting for exe to finish" part. Whcih OS should the batch run on?
You start the service then do something like this:

Start you program. Make a note of the name. That's what you'll check in the for statement below.


REM ** Will want to pause here. You can download a sleep utililty or use ping

for /f %%a in ('tasklist ^| findstr program.exe') do goto CHECKAGAIN

restart your service.
Modify the for statement to do a case insensitive match:

for /f %%a in ('tasklist ^| findstr /i program.exe') do goto CHECKAGAIN
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If you know how long it takes the exe to run you could use 'sleep' to pause the script for 'n' number of seconds before proceeding.


net stop <service name>
sleep 60
net start <service name>

this will stop the service, run the exe, wait for 60 seconds then start the service.

Now if the exe takes longer than the sleep time that could be a problem. I can not think of a way in a BAT file to perform a ProcessWaitClose type of action.
the exe is a user program like word or excel for example, where the time of use is really an unknown.  the idea is that as they close out the program, the service fires and starts back up.
You do not need a for for the loop, just something like

net stop ....
tasklist | findstr /i program.exe >nul && goto loop
net start ...
another idea I'm thiking about as I google this too... is to create a service for the exe.  then make the service that I am stopping and starting dependent on the newly created service being stopped.  my concern though is, does the newly created service actually stop when the program would be closed.
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that does not always work, for example when using
start "" "c:\doc\doc.doc"

But with winword.exe or excel.exe a start /wait is ok.
Works fine for me when calling an xls spreadsheet...can't see why it'd be different with a doc...
sirbountry, you're right, must have been some typo when I was testing ... I tried different cases, and it worked always. But I'm sure there are cases when start /wait would not work ... (e.g. using psexec :-) )
/wait command did exactly what I needed... thank you!