MUST get rid of POSTDATA message in MOZILLA

This idiotic, forced message is driving us crazy -- each time you refresh a page like EBay, Mozilla (or Firefox or Netscape) FORCES this stupid "Confirm"  message.  I simply MUST GET RID OF IT!!

" CONFIRM?  The page you are trying to view contains POSTDATA. If you resend the data, any action the form carried out will be repeated.  etc.  etc.  etc."

The MORON who wrote this blindly assumed  you are ordering.  There has GOT to be a way to get rid of this forced message, it is endless harassment.  I've gone through all Mozilla settings, cannot find a way.


If you are using Mozilla and this message does NOT come up when you are refreshing / reloading a page like "My Ebay" repeatedly (i.e. within 3 mins of the previous refresh), go through all the mozilla settings and find out where you deactivated it.  It is turned on by default, and we cannot find out where to deactivate it.

The mozilla forum is USELESS.  Have asked this before and all you get is lame questions, no useful help.

THANK YOU -- pardon my irritation, but this is the ONLY frustrating part of Mozilla, and I simply MUST fix it.
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WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
My version of Firefox does not do this.

The only think I can think of is:

In Firefox:

Tools / Options / Security Tab
Warning Messages: Settings...

Check that nothing is ticked in there.

scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
Some versions of Firefox dont do it -- but Mozilla does, and it HAS to be a Mozilla fix, since we don't use firefox.  There is no setting in Mozilla like you mentioned -- one of the bugs they never really fixed, but there supposedly is some way around it, we can't find it.

IT NEEDS to be a MOZILLA solution, thanks.
Marc ZCommented:
There is no Mozilla solution except to upgrade to Mozilla Firefox

Is this issue with Mozilla Seamonkey?  Can you please give us the exact version of Mozilla that you have installed? Have you looked at this page yet?

"The MORON who wrote this blindly assumed  you are ordering."  
Perhaps on the page you happen to be referencing is a Submit button?  Can you give us a direct link that this happens to you on?   The only time I have seen this is when the page I am on, there is some thing happening that would require a PostData like a Sign on?  Perhaps there is a Sign on on the page you are referring to , but since you have already signed on, IT does not realize that and Might still be looking for another sign on.
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scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
Reload My Ebay with Mozilla 1.7.13 and you will see what a nightmare this is.  You are NOT reading the question, I answered all your questions in my original question.  It has NOTHING to do with ordering.  It is a fatal flaw of the designers of Mozilla et al.
Marc ZCommented:
Sorry, scrathcyboy, but I am more familiar with Firefox and Thunderbird than Mozilla 1.7.13 as you call it.  I was under the impression that Mozilla had moved away from that name and was trying to move forward Firefox and Thunderbird and Seamonkey  was just moving along very slowly.  My bad.

 I also see that that Post data interface problem has been around since 2002.

I realize it has Nothing to do with Ordering, you mentioned Ordering in your original post.

No disrespect intended, but as mentioned in my previous post, Firefox does not display this Postdata message to Me on MyEbay page as I reload the page.  I realize you are using Mozilla, but they don't seem to be on the same development path as  the Firefox team.

So, if you "simply MUST GET RID OF IT", I would suggest using Firefox. You might not like that option, but it seems to currently be the only way if you want to continue using Mozilla products.
Mozilla 1.7.13 simply will not let you turn off this message.

scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
Firefox is an arm cut off from a body.  It is TOTALLY USELESS as an integrated email - browser application suite.  It doesn't even register on the list of "must have" applications -- it doesnt possess the MOST essential part of internet communications -- which is EMAIL.  Why Mozilla ever designed this abortion is beyond me.

It reeks of the Microsoft mentality -- because we can't create a worthwhile email program, we will try to make a half-assed browser.  Well, Microsoft suits that incompetent situation, but there is NO EXCUSE for Mozilla -- they had the best email program on the planet -- why they would want to make a browser as weak as MS without email, is beyond any sensible person's intelligence.  SO FF is a NON-consideration.
Marc ZCommented:

That's fine.  I forgot how you can get rid of it.  It is an open-source program. Perhaps you can figure out how Firefox has successfully gotten around this problem and compile your own code of Mozilla for your own custom kickass email - browser application suite.  It's pretty much community based

good luck.
Marc ZCommented:

One last thing, I thought about this while I was sleeping.  I am wondering if the extension NoScript might help you out.

I use it on all of my Firefox profiles and I haven't seen the issue you describe on MyEbay pages, so I am wondering if it might be that extension. It's a thought anyways.
scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
Thank you for thinking about my problems while you are sleeping -- I do the same, but don't expect others to do it for me.  I am complimented.

Yes I thought about recompiling the source code, it might be the only solution. But am not too confident I know how to do it.  Others have not experienced the same problem as I have, so there probably *IS* some script that can be run to get rid of this message.  I have done many clean installs to, no change.

For example, if you put about:config in the browser line, you get this endless list of browser config. parameters, but it is not searchable!   Somewhere in there the solution might lie, but I have scanned the list and cannot find anything relevant.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the noscript addon.  When I click the link, I get a blank page, so it must be not allowing Mozilla clients to get it.
Marc ZCommented:
makaiguy has some interesting thoughts here that might help you.

After reading quite awhile, I wonder if changing your User Agent wouldn't also help.
Make ebay think you are using IE or Firefox 2 and perhaps you won't get that.

what  I was trying to read.

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scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
mtz1of4 --  Thanks for all these useful thoughts you are coming up with, I appreciate them.

The problem is a simple refresh (not forward or back), however what makaiguy says is true for login pages.  I know WHY it is happening (and it is not just EBay), web pages with POST submits rather than GET submits on a form can generate this message in Netscape onwards.

The problem REALLY is the forced design of the developers, they are assuming everyone is too stupid to know if they are ordering or not, and they are going to force it on everyone, without commonsense.

Read this thread, it is long, but you will see people arguing for LOGIC and commonsense, and the other side of the ingrained developers who don't even realize the harassment, and aren't going to change --

Having read that long rambling opinion diatribe without any commonsense, you will see the problem.

Any ideas how to recompile the code?  Since Seamonkey has this same problem, I may have to.  

BTW -- the POSTDATA popup does not come on all My- EBay refreshes, e.g. you get them from this link --
but not from this link --

You see they are the same, except the queery appended.  So it is something in the browser that is detecting a certain page type, or absence of a query, or whatever, that is forcing this message.

But each time you make any changes, you are sent to the problem link, and any movement from that, forward or back, or a refresh, pops up the message.  This is just an example, it happens throughout the web on various and sundry pages, usually where there is a POST form submit in the webpage code.

Any ideas or thoughts?  In general web browsing, one cannot always recover the original link (as I can on EBay with a toolbar link) ... so it makes for endless user harassement, doesn't it?
Marc ZCommented:
What security programs do you have installed on this machine?  

My thoughts are possibly a cookie is expiring too soon, or you have a script blocker running or an ad-blocker... Something is interfering with your ebay experience.

Once you mentioned that eBayISAPI.dll, I remembered quite a  time back , I also was having issues with ebay's isapi.dll, but I can't find reference to the fix right this minute.  I'm thinking I turned off Zone Alarms privacy features for firefox and that might have fixed it.  Obviously, that is my machine, but it is a thought.

Here is eBay's page on it's Brwoser choices and preferences for setup.
scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
Never run any nuisance programs like zone alarm, run a clean machine, I have been in this business 25 years, I know what not to run, especially zone alarm, it is a disaster.  This is not a firewall issue, it is indeed endemic to the browser.  And you are missing the point if you think Ebay is the only site -- this problem spans across so many sites, I can't even remember them now.  The only reason I mention EBay, is because it is an example that many people can test.

I looked at their link, but realize, EBay is not very smart.  Mozilla comes in with the same signature as FF, so as far as they are concerned, there is no difference.  Please realize, this is not an EBay site issue.  The problem really depends on the WEB PAGE, and the POST form submit that the page uses.

FYI -- the ?MyEbay appended to the ASAPI.DLL address on EBay makes the browser think it is a GET request, not a POST -- therefore, it doesnt throw an error.  WIthout the query string appended, it reads the page as a POST request, and throws up this IDIOT MORON message, like in the link I posted.  Did you read that link I posted, just to realize how blind and stubborn are the programmers doing this nonsense?
Marc ZCommented:
Yes, I have read it.   It sounds like it needs to have some User Interface upgrades

I am running out of ideas.  
Have you tried changing your User Agent to IE to compare?
Have you tried opening the page in a new tab or reloading into new tabs? And that way, not keeping the history of the old tab in the  New tab? Does that work for you or even make sense?

 No, I do not know how to rewrite the mozilla  code. I cannot get ebay to throw me a postdata code, but I have my firefox so customized, there may be something  I have done like block third party cookies or refuse some scripts.

I can force that postdata error on a different webpage's search function. And in all reality, it is acceptable there.

My real thought on this is that Mozilla is not being actively worked on and EBay has no desire to fix their code for a minority of quiet users.

I do realize this is not only an eBay issue, but it also sounds like sloppy web design.
You said it your self. "The problem really depends on the WEB PAGE, and the POST form submit that the page uses." If you are on a Search page results, then you should be notified.

I do agree that Experts should be able to disable this IDIOT MORON message, but I am also in the opinion that there aren't that many Experts such as yourself out there on the interweb.

Sorry, I can't help you.

scrathcyboyAuthor Commented:
No I think your dialog here has helped tremendously.  I think those ego-maniacs on Mozlilla finally got overpowered in Firefox by people with a little more commonsense -- so they FIXED the problem, pure and simple, just realized it was a hellacious annoyance, and FIXED it in firefox -- they HAD to to make it acceptable to the masses, to compete with IE -- to hold onto the stubborn stupidity expressed in that long article of ego opinions would have doomed firefox.

I am awarding you points mostly for effort, but the comment where to told me to look at makaiguy's post above got me to looking at the actual URL, which is when I discovered the difference on Ebay, with the appended -- ?MyEbay.  So as long as I refresh from the ORIGINAL link and NOT the page that Ebay leaves you at after you make changes to "MyEbay", I can avoid this idiot moron message.

So I want future readers to know that if you have a page that you need to refresh frequently like EBay, create a Toolbar link to it, and REFRESH FROM THE ORIGINAL LINK -- do not refresh from the page where Ebay leaves you.  Any you are right, to some extent, this TRULY IS SLOPPY PROGRAMMING.

But since the issue is not limited to EBay by any means, but is a consequence of blind stubborn developers, the real solution is find a product where the developers have finally woken up to their stupidity.

Thanks for all your help, mtz1of4 -- it really was helpful exploring this with you.

Have you tried SeaMonkey at all?  Is it any good.  The name itself suggests to some degree the rather childish mentality of the developers of this product, even though it is the best integrated mail-browser on the planet -- it is still limited in its sights and insight.
Marc ZCommented:
I have not explored Seamonkey.   I am happy with Firefox and it's continuing improvements. Thunderbird is also adequate for me.
To get  a feel of Seamonkey, why not lurk over at the forums to see what kind of complaints or innovation come up?
Good bunch of people over there.

"The name itself suggests to some degree the rather childish mentality of the developers of this product," From what I have heard the best programmers peak at the age of 28, so : )
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