RS 2005 - An error occurred during local report processing and rendering of my report - problem with report header

In Reporting Services 2005, I am getting an error in the Print Layout view of my report.  It renders fine in the Preview screen of the VS Development IDE, but when I click print Layout I get the following error messages:

An error occurred during local report processing.
An error occurred during rendering of the report.
An error occurred during rendering of the report.
Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.

When I deploy my report to the server to see what happens there, the report renders fine initially, but when I export to PDF or try to print, I get the same error messages.  

This report is extremely similar to other reports I built (same parameters, same groups, similar data) and that are working fine. It has one table with six groups.  There are 21 static columns.  I copied this report from another that it was similar to, and the major difference in this report are the expressions I have in many of the row objects to hide rows based on conditional expressions.  The code works great in Preview mode, but when I select Print Layout or try to print, or export to PDF, the above error messages are gotten.  The report only began to work when I deleted the textboxes in my report header.  Its weird.  When I put expressions in textboxes in the report header, the report won’t render in PDF or Print Layout.  When I put a string such as “FOOBAR” in a report header textbox then there is no problem.  I have many other reports that are using the same textboxes with the same expressions in the report header.  

I am using Reporting Services 2005, Version 9.00.2047.00.  WinXP


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YurichConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, my solution is a good workaround, so I think it should be accepted.

I had something similar some time ago and I can't remember what i did to fix it :(.... As a general suggestion for all report header related problems, I would suggest adding one extra row to your table header and having everything what you have in your page header in there, deleting your page header consequently. You can set whether to show it on the next page or not, you can add pictures (logos) and etc. In fact, I don't thing you can do something in your report header what you can't in your table header. And that's actually what I most likely did in my case to fix my problem...

misdevelopersAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks Yurich.

The only thing in my header that doesn't work in the table header are two report variables PageNumber and TotalPages.  These are only allowed to be in the Report Header and Footer.  I have to have these in my report.

I called Microsoft's tech support and they are looking at the problem.  It was a new issue to them.  

I also upgraded VS 2005 to Version 9.00.3042.00 from Version 9.00.2047.00, and this seemed to stop the error from occuring in the development IDE (somewhat... I get an all black screen now when I click on Print Layout.  No error, but I can't see anything.  It does print out absolutely fine though.... header, tables, and all.)  However, I am still getting errors when the report is printed from Report Manager on our server.  

There is a writeup in MSDN Forums that discusses this issue I'm having when on the the 9.00.3042 version.  Here is the link.
In it a tech from Microsoft says there is a problem with the image renderer in RS 2005 SP2.  They are working on a fix. He offers a workaround to the black background in the report.

If anyone can think of a workaround, fix, hears of a hotfix, please post.   Much thanks.

misdevelopersAuthor Commented:
Yurich, thanks for the workaround.  I finally called Microsoft about this issue because it seemed to be bug and there were other bugs we were coming across as well.  The issue did turn out to be a bug that was fixed with the installation of Service pack 2 for Sql server 2005.  

If applying this Service Pack didn't work, I would have tried your workaround.


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