Can folder Intel10.3 be deleted?

To cut down on the size of my backup images, I'm deleting old files and folders. I find a folder called "intel10.3." Date created is 2006. Looks like wireless protocols for the network adaptor.  
Sub folders and files in main folder:

I don't have wireless on my desktop, if that's what this is for. In any case, even if its for the network card, those drivers are elsewhere, aren't they. Question: Can I delete intel10.3 folder?
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Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
       Yes you can delete the folder. This is the setup folder of a driver most probably. And it must be already set up. Just in case, rename the intel10.3 foldername to intel. Restart your PC. If your PC boots up fine and your system and components working correctly, that means none of your components or your operating system need that folder. If your system gets corrupt, or doesn't boot up, that means this folder is essential for your system. Then rename the intel folder to intel10.3 back again and system will work properly again.

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normanmlAuthor Commented:
Thanks. That ought to do it.
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