I'm having a hard time trying to figure out (and fix) why any of my sent e-mails are undeliverables to comercial e-mail addresses, like hotmail, microsoft, yahoo etc...etc..etc...

I check my IP in some blacklist sites and I get this results:

Your IP Address  has been currently BlackListed on cbl.abuseat.org
Your IP Address  has been currently BlackListed on psbl.surriel.com
Your IP Address  has been currently BlackListed on xbl.spamhaus.org

Now, I know that if I'm listed there it going to cause me a lot of issues with my e-mails deliveries, but also It tourns out that  Static IP on a DSL connection  will be considered to by dynamic becuase for some reason  isn't considered a genuine static IP.

So even if I try to get my IP delisted from that sites, (I already do that)  how to face the fact that my IP will be considered dynamic and all my e-mails are going to be rejected anyway. ???

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etcmexico, hi.
If you have your own SMTP server, that is blacklisted somewhere, then you are in big trouble. But as you said your IP is dynamic and most probably you do not need to receive email via SMTP, but only to send  emails via SMTP, so I guess you don't have a SMTP server (or if you have, you may stop to use it).
You cannot require from 'yahoo' or 'hotmail' admins to stop using spamlists. And you cannot be sure that your dynamic IP is not in that list every time after reseting your DSL modem. So I see the only workaround to your problem. I recommend you to change your personal email address and select a mail provider with smtp authentication, that allows sending email. Suppose it will be gmail.com. Then you should setup your mail client to use smtp.gmail.com with authentication for sending. At least your mail will be delivered to your recipients.
Put your domain into here -> http://www.dnsreport.com <- and see if there is anything else that is wrong.

Some blacklists use DULs, dynamic user lists, which are handed over by the ISPs for residential traffic.  Generally, you have to buy a business ISP account to get around this (but it depends on the ISP).

You can also route all your mail via your ISPs smarthost to get around this

A lot of ISPs will simply assign you a static address from their dynamic range - nothing more. If you have problems with delivery then you will have to use an SMTP Connector to bounce the email through the ISPs SMTP Server. http://www.amset.info/exchange/smtp-connector.asp

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You're joking right?
redseatechnologies, who is joking?
etcmexico for selecting that answer.

I did not understand your response and dismissed it assuming etcmexico would do the same.

>>But as you said your IP is dynamic and most probably you do not need to receive email via SMTP, but only to send  emails via SMTP, so I guess you don't have a SMTP server (or if you have, you may stop to use it).

What?  I suppose I have a bit of a head start here, I know that etcmexico has a server, or two, which are either running Exchange or possibly sendmail - previous experience with this asker reminds me he is using Exchange, and my ability to see the zones this is posted shows that it is also posted in sendmail.

That being said - he IS running a server - so he DOES require mail to come in via SMTP, anything else is a poor solution, as it will require some horrid kind of POP3 interface.  What all this has to do with being able to send mail due to being blacklisted is beyond me.

The issue here, as identified by the asker, is that he is being blacklisted - most probably due to being on a Dynamic User List or DUL - this is a list that ISPs give to BlackListing companies to show their "non commercial" users.  The solution, indicated by both me and Sembee, is to fix that - either with a smarthost, or by chaning ISP plans.

I think the key problem here is that the asker has not clearly identified that he is running a server - which you have misinterpreted (through no fault of your own) to mean that he is talking about a single outlook account.

That being said - relaying through smtp.gmail.com from outlook simply isn't going to work with outlook connected to exchange server - which I am sure you will agree with.

Either way, I expect etcmexico just wanted to close this question - while I am disappointed in the fact that it hasn't been closed properly (in my opinion) that is just something I will remember for next time.


DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to offend you Nopius, and apologise in advance if I have done so - it was not my intention.
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