WSUS clients not Reporting Status

I have a Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 with WSUS v1 SP1

I have installed it to manage critical updates security updates service Packs.

when I check if an update is needed in the status section of the Update, All i can see is my servers & PC's listed as Unknown. WSUS does not seem to know if an update is needed for that PC/Server or not.

How can I check if the PC/Servers are reporting back to WSUS on their status?
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Check your %systemroot% for WindowsUpdate.log on the clients.  This will contain the necessary information to determine the cause of your problem.  If you've never seen the status of the systems, try doing:

wuauclt /detectnow /resetauthorization from the command line.

I'm guessing you're likely going to see some communication errors in your WindowsUpdate.log.

Were the clients joined to the domain using ConnectComputer?
HattonsAuthor Commented:
I checked the Windowsupdate.log file and no errors are showing, I checked the log before and after I run the command line.

I wonder if I am getting woked up over nothing here as the log file seems to be saying the right things, the issue for me is that there are a lot of updates in WSUS that are not critical or security based that are shown are required by no machines I have even though the update seems fairly useful.

i.e. Windows server 2003 Service pack 2, even though I have 3 Server 2003 machines when I look at the status line for this update the server 2003 machines machines are listed as "Unknown" for this update.

BTW no I connected the machines to the Domain without the help of ConnectComputer

HattonsAuthor Commented:
I think I may have sorted this, it seems that I needed to approve the updates for detection 1st before the clients will report back on their individual requirements regarding each individual update.

I need to wait for next client synch to test my theory

I will report back
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If you are using SBS 2003, as opposed to 2003 Server, you NEED to connect your clients to the domain using ConnectComputer.  You will run into more problems like this if you do not.  

That said, you shouldn't need to approve anything to have the client detect whether it needs the update.  The approval process approves it for installation in WSUS, normally.
HattonsAuthor Commented:
Ok but what about the Servers in the domain
The servers in the domain should also be joined to the central SBS using the SBS Wizards.  

Check out this for other gotchas and necessary things you should do;

Olaf De CeusterCommented:
HattonsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses guys I will check today, unfortunatly I cannot retrospectivly add servers or clients to my SBS network, but I take your point. Thre thing is apart from this everything else is running ok and WSUS does not give any indication that SBS clients & servers must be added through the connection wizards.

I will update you on my progress in the next 24 hours

Again thanks for this help :-)
HattonsAuthor Commented:
Sorted the problem guys, the servers had not updated the SUS server on their status yet, I have come in this week and everything now seems fine
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