Select the selected index of a DropDown C#

Hello Experts,
I have a curious problem.  I am coding in C#.
I have a number of DropDown lists on an aspx page.  By default the selected index of all DropDowns is 0 or the first item in the list.  My problem is that I want the user to be able to select the first item in the DropDown.  I have all of the DropDowns bound and rebound depending on the selections the user makes.  Each time a value is changed a new Datasource is created showing only the items that are remaining based on the previous selections.  So basically my question is how do I select the already selected item in a DropDown list to fire off the SelectedIndexChanged event to code on?
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What I usually do hwere is put a dummy item as the first item, sort of "Please Select...".
When the user selects this I remove this item from the list (clinet side if it does not cause a postback, server if it does).

GlowmanAuthor Commented:
That is what I thought of doing, but it isn't going to work in my situation since the query used to recreate the list is going to be regenerated each time any selection is made for all drop down lists (15).  So if I do want to add a "Please Select .." it would be on the bottom of the list, since if I put it before I bind it just goes away.  I really just need to reset the selectedindex each time a drop down is even touched.  Is there a click() event or anything I can use?
In the pre-render just insert the list item at position 0.
If you do thios at the page level (rather than the control) you might need to use the prerendercomplete event instead as the controls are databound.
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GlowmanAuthor Commented:
The only event I have at my disposal is PreRender().
Do I need to create my own event?
is there a way to do this client side to trigger a server side event?
I really would like to avoid the "Please select .." option if possible.
The problem is that you want to allow the user to click on the already selected item and have that count as making a selection. You could use the onclick event to do that but it would mean that the event gets fired when your user tries to drop down the list and select another item.

I've been doing this type of thing for years an the 'Please select...' tactic is the only suitable one I've come across.

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GlowmanAuthor Commented:
Alright, I will stop being so stubborn!
Thanks for your help ethoths.
I really appreciate it.
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