Firewall and antivirus software for webserver


I am currently setting up a web server and I need to know what is the best firewall and the best antivirus software for this kind of server ... Beware it need to be compatible with the current set up ...

Current set up :
OS : windows 2003 server R2 x64
Webserver : IIS 6.0

Thank you !
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CputeraceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My suggestion would be the windows firewall in conjunction with Avast Antivirus. Avast checks all network traffic in and out for viruses and virus activity. If you turned on teh windows firewall and only opened up port 80 (and 443 if you need ssl) you should be fine.
Are you looking for a hardware or software firewall?
SwimmanAuthor Commented:
Hello Batry boy,

I am looking for a software firewall and antivirus solution ... Thanks !
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