The file <filename>.ost cannot be accessed because it has been configured for use with a different mailbox

I am trying to import an ost file. However, I'm getting this error. How can I fix this. I do not have the same username any longer. I found something on here but it really didn't help me. I am not too familiar with how exchange servers work. It is in Outlook 2003 format. My main goal is actually just to backup all of the events that are listed on the Calendar.
The file <filename>.ost cannot be accessed because it has been configured for use with a different mailbox
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As noted here, the ost file is tied to a specific exchange account and outlook profile
OST file is an offline file, it does not store any data in it that is not in your mailbox right now.  

If you archived information off it would be in a PST file.  

To clear the above error in outlook, Go to:

Tools -> email accounts -> View or Change existing email accounts - hit next
More settings button
Advanced Tab
Offline File and Folder Settings
Disable Offline use

If you cant get into Outlook, you can do the same through Control Panel -> Mail

To Enable Offline just do the reverse of above.
It seems everyone who has struck this error has had to use something like this service to convert the OST to a .pst
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But blohrer,
rootjd has stated they have changed their userid, so the mailbox they now have will not have whats in the OST file.
Hence them trying to import it.
rootjdAuthor Commented:
Yes, my main focus is what is in the Calendar. The emails are not important. The calendar events are.
Did have the calendar set to be available offline?  If not it will not be available in the OST.  I dont believe it is standard to have the calendar in the OST.
If that is what you want to do, this blog has a tool (download link at the top) OST2PST

I would make a backup copy first.

rootjdAuthor Commented:
I don't see an option to make calendar events to be available offline
It's still intrinsicly tied to the mailbox and outlook profile.
To add more to blohrer's post.

Heres the specific entry that seems to work for Outlook 2003 files.

"Have successfully managed to convert an Outlook 2003 OST file to a PST file that can be read in Outlook 2002 or 2003. This is the method that worked for me:
1. Backup ost file(s)
2. Rename outlook.ost to outlook.pst
3. Use scanpst.exe from Outlook 2002 (in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033) to repair outlook.pst
(You can always copy scanpst.exe from an alternative installation, include MAPI32.DLL and GAPI32.DLL)
4. Rename outlook.pst back to outlook.ost
5. Run OST2PST which will then convert the file successfully to outlook.pst
6. Outlook can then open the outlook.pst file

This method has converted 2 files both of approx 400Mb.


Seems to be abit hit and miss as to wether it works, and you need outlook 2002 files to use the method above.
It also assumes everything is a mail message but that cam be overcome when you put them in their correct files in a normal PST.

Not alot of options really.
rootjdAuthor Commented:
ost to pst isn't working. Is there possibly a tool to export this information to another utility that will act as a calendar on the events that are apart of that file? I do still have access to the other computer that works with those calendar events.
So you can access the OST on another machine?
If so then create a pst and then copy the calander from the ost to the pst.

And don't forget for the method above you need to run scanpst from outlook 2002  Not the one from 2003.

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