Strange Router/firewall ping interaction

I have this network set up:
site 1( 2600----T1 circuit-----Cisco 2600-------site 2(
                                                                              Smoothwall Firewall        
                                                                                   DSL Circuit

I can ping from site 1, out the DSL circuit or anywhere on the Site 2 network with no problem. From Site 2, I can ping the Internet for somewhere between 40 and 70 pings before it begins to time out. If I then ping the firewall internal port once, I can ping the Internet 40 to 70 times again. If I connect directly to the firewall I can ping the Internet cintinuously with no problems. I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas?

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What is the default gateway for hosts in site 2? Is it the C2600 or the Smoothwall?
What is between the C2600 and the Smoothwall? Is it a switch?
BigfootSunRaAuthor Commented:
The router port facing Site 2 is and is the default gateway for workstations in Site 2. The Cisco 2600 is directly connected to the Smoothwall. There is a Dell Powerconnect switch between the router and the workstations in Site 2. To rule that switch out we replaced it with a Cisco switch with no change in the result. The Cisco 2600 nearest Site 2 is also providing DHCP to Site 2.
BigfootSunRaAuthor Commented:
I think this problem turned out to be an unusual configuration in my firewall using a secondary IP address on an interface. Once that was removed the problem cleared itself. Now, if someone will tell me how to close this I will. Thanks.
BigfootSunRaAuthor Commented:
The problem was the firewall config. I figured it out, thanks.
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