Apache setup for host header resolution

I'm attempting to setup Apache 2.0.59 for use with Subversion.  I'm installing on a Win2003 server that previously had IIS 6 running.  In it's IIS configuration, I had 4 websites running using host header resolution.

This is probably very easy for someone who knows what they are doing in Apache, but I cannot get the host header resolution working.  From what I have read I should be doing this with the virtualhost directive.

Here's an example of my setup:

I've pulished DNS A records for svn.mydomain.com and test.mydomain.com to the same public ip.

These are the http.conf settings that I believe to be relavant:

    ServerName InternalName.mydomain.com

    NameVirtualHost *:80

    <VirtualHost svn.mydomain.com:80>
    DocumentRoot c:/svn
    ServerName svn.mydomain.com
    <VirtualHost test.mydomain.com:80>
    DocumentRoot c:/test
    ServerName test.mydomain.com

When I hit the server as http://InternalName.mydomain.com, I get the Apcahe successfull install default page.  When I navigate to http://test.mydomain.com or http://svn.mydomain.com I get error: HTTP 404 The webpage cannot be found.  

Thanks in advance,
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Try "C:\svs" and  "C:\test" for your documentroots
jlexerAuthor Commented:
I tried enclosing the DocumentRoot in quotes, but get the same response: HTTP 404
I just tested and your original defintions will work as long as:=

     C:\svn does exists
     C:\test does exists
     There is a index.html in both directories

I tested with Apache 2.2 under Windows XP although any recent level of Apache should work on any recent release of Windows.

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You need to change:
<VirtualHost svn.mydomain.com:80> to: <VirtualHost *:80>
make sure ServerName is set to svn.mydomain.com and ensure
that DocumentRoot is set to a directory that exists.

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName svn.mydomain.com:80
    DocumentRoot c:/svn
#    ServerAlias svn2.mydomain.com snv.mydomain.com
#    DirectoryIndex index.html index.pl

Give this a try, should work out fine
jlexerAuthor Commented:
Looks like the problem may not have been in the .conf  directly.  I'm naive to Apache, and all my sites are runnings ASP.Net.  There is no .html file in any of my folders.  Thanks to commentor, "The_Tyrant" gave me the clue with the DirectoryIndex comment,  I read more about the setup of what was needed to get ASP.Net running on Apache, and feel it will be simpler to maintain by just keeping my ASP sites on a server running IIS and a separate server for the site requiring Apache.
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