Spliting a string word into segments

I am trying to spilt a word into segments whenever the char "," occurs in the word.
For example,
String name= "[John, David]"
So the two segments should be John and David, which ignore the following
" [ "
" ] "
 " , "
This can work if I use substring, but I have to have a fixed amount of words, but the number of words will be dynamic.
I can do this with seperate chars and store each segment into an array, but I need help doing it with words.

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String[] nameParts = name.split("[\\[\\,]]");
Typo sorry

String[] nameParts = name.split("[\\[\\],]");
You can also use StringTokenizer class to parse your string into tokens by a specified delimiter, in your case it is comma.

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mr_usmannaeemAuthor Commented:
public class split{
   public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
   String combo="[ABC, B]";
   String[] nameParts = combo.split("[\\[\\],]");
This is not working
You need to do


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