"Open-File" in Java-Script

Posted on 2007-03-25
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-23
I  added a "Browse" button to an HTML.
I want to implement the loadFile function in java-script.
I wrote
function loadFile() {
  txtFileName.value = 'file:///' + document.data.cmuds.value;
but I receive an error:
document.data.cmuds.value is null or not an object.
Here is the entire HTML.

<!-- based on insimage.dlg -->

<HTML  id=dlgImage STYLE="width: 432px; height: 194px; ">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<meta http-equiv="MSThemeCompatible" content="Yes">
<TITLE>Insert Image</TITLE>
  html, body, button, div, input, select, fieldset { font-family: MS Shell Dlg; font-size: 8pt; position: absolute; };
<SCRIPT defer>

function _CloseOnEsc() {
  if (event.keyCode == 27) { window.close(); return; }

function _getTextRange(elm) {
  var r = elm.parentTextEdit.createTextRange();
  return r;

window.onerror = HandleError

function HandleError(message, url, line) {
  var str = "An error has occurred in this dialog." + "\n\n"
  + "Error: " + line + "\n" + message;
  return true;

function loadFile() {
  txtFileName.value = 'file:///' + document.data.cmuds.value;

function Init() {
  var elmSelectedImage;
  var htmlSelectionControl = "Control";
  var globalDoc = window.dialogArguments;
  var grngMaster = globalDoc.selection.createRange();
  // event handlers  
  document.body.onkeypress = _CloseOnEsc;
  btnOK.onclick = new Function("btnOKClick()");
  btnBrowse.onclick = new Function("btnBrowseClick()");

  txtFileName.fImageLoaded = false;
  txtFileName.intImageWidth = 0;
  txtFileName.intImageHeight = 0;

  if (globalDoc.selection.type == htmlSelectionControl) {
    if (grngMaster.length == 1) {
      elmSelectedImage = grngMaster.item(0);
      if (elmSelectedImage.tagName == "IMG") {
        txtFileName.fImageLoaded = true;
        if (elmSelectedImage.src) {
          txtFileName.value          = elmSelectedImage.src.replace(/^[^*]*(\*\*\*)/, "$1");  // fix placeholder src values that editor converted to abs paths
          txtFileName.intImageHeight = elmSelectedImage.height;
          txtFileName.intImageWidth  = elmSelectedImage.width;
          txtVertical.value          = elmSelectedImage.vspace;
          txtHorizontal.value        = elmSelectedImage.hspace;
          txtBorder.value            = elmSelectedImage.border;
          txtAltText.value           = elmSelectedImage.alt;
          selAlignment.value         = elmSelectedImage.align;
  txtFileName.value = txtFileName.value || "http://";

function _isValidNumber(txtBox) {
  var val = parseInt(txtBox);
  if (isNaN(val) || val < 0 || val > 999) { return false; }
  return true;

function btnBrowseClick() {

function btnOKClick() {
  var elmImage;
  var intAlignment;
  var htmlSelectionControl = "Control";
  var globalDoc = window.dialogArguments;
  var grngMaster = globalDoc.selection.createRange();
  // error checking

  if (!txtFileName.value || txtFileName.value == "http://") {
    alert("Image URL must be specified.");
  if (txtHorizontal.value && !_isValidNumber(txtHorizontal.value)) {
    alert("Horizontal spacing must be a number between 0 and 999.");
  if (txtBorder.value && !_isValidNumber(txtBorder.value)) {
    alert("Border thickness must be a number between 0 and 999.");
  if (txtVertical.value && !_isValidNumber(txtVertical.value)) {
    alert("Vertical spacing must be a number between 0 and 999.");

  // delete selected content and replace with image
  if (globalDoc.selection.type == htmlSelectionControl && !txtFileName.fImageLoaded) {
    grngMaster = globalDoc.selection.createRange();
  idstr = "\" id=\"556e697175657e537472696e67";     // new image creation ID
  if (!txtFileName.fImageLoaded) {
    grngMaster.execCommand("InsertImage", false, idstr);
    elmImage = globalDoc.all['556e697175657e537472696e67'];
    grngMaster.moveStart("character", -1);
  } else {
    elmImage = grngMaster.item(0);
    if (elmImage.src != txtFileName.value) {
      grngMaster = globalDoc.selection.createRange();
      grngMaster.execCommand("InsertImage", false, idstr);
      elmImage = globalDoc.all['556e697175657e537472696e67'];
      grngMaster.moveStart("character", -1);
      txtFileName.fImageLoaded = false;
    grngMaster = _getTextRange(elmImage);

  if (txtFileName.fImageLoaded) {
    elmImage.style.width = txtFileName.intImageWidth;
    elmImage.style.height = txtFileName.intImageHeight;

  if (txtFileName.value.length > 2040) {
    txtFileName.value = txtFileName.value.substring(0,2040);
  elmImage.src = txtFileName.value;
  if (txtHorizontal.value != "") { elmImage.hspace = parseInt(txtHorizontal.value); }
  else                           { elmImage.hspace = 0; }

  if (txtVertical.value != "") { elmImage.vspace = parseInt(txtVertical.value); }
  else                         { elmImage.vspace = 0; }
  elmImage.alt = txtAltText.value;

  if (txtBorder.value != "") { elmImage.border = parseInt(txtBorder.value); }
  else                       { elmImage.border = 0; }

  elmImage.align = selAlignment.value;
<BODY id=bdy onload="Init()" style="background: threedface; color: windowtext;" scroll=no>

<DIV id=divFileName style="left: 0.98em; top: 1.2168em; width: 7em; height: 1.2168em; ">Image URL:</DIV>
<INPUT ID=txtFileName type=text style="left: 8.54em; top: 1.0647em; width: 21.5em;height: 2.1294em; " tabIndex=10 onfocus="select()">

<DIV id=divAltText style="left: 0.98em; top: 4.1067em; width: 6.58em; height: 1.2168em; ">Alternate Text:</DIV>
<INPUT type=text ID=txtAltText tabIndex=15 style="left: 8.54em; top: 3.8025em; width: 21.5em; height: 2.1294em; " onfocus="select()">

<FIELDSET id=fldLayout style="left: .9em; top: 7.1em; width: 17.08em; height: 7.6em;">
<LEGEND id=lgdLayout>Layout</LEGEND>

<FIELDSET id=fldSpacing style="left: 18.9em; top: 7.1em; width: 11em; height: 7.6em;">
<LEGEND id=lgdSpacing>Spacing</LEGEND>

<DIV id=divAlign style="left: 1.82em; top: 9.126em; width: 4.76em; height: 1.2168em; ">Alignment:</DIV>
<SELECT size=1 ID=selAlignment tabIndex=20 style="left: 10.36em; top: 8.8218em; width: 6.72em; height: 1.2168em; ">
<OPTION id=optNotSet value=""> Not set </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optLeft value=left> Left </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optRight value=right> Right </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optTexttop value=textTop> Texttop </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optAbsMiddle value=absMiddle> Absmiddle </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optBaseline value=baseline SELECTED> Baseline </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optAbsBottom value=absBottom> Absbottom </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optBottom value=bottom> Bottom </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optMiddle value=middle> Middle </OPTION>
<OPTION id=optTop value=top> Top </OPTION>

<DIV id=divHoriz style="left: 19.88em; top: 9.126em; width: 4.76em; height: 1.2168em; ">Horizontal:</DIV>
<INPUT ID=txtHorizontal style="left: 24.92em; top: 8.8218em; width: 4.2em; height: 2.1294em; ime-mode: disabled;" type=text size=3 maxlength=3 value="" tabIndex=25 onfocus="select()">

<DIV id=divBorder style="left: 1.82em; top: 12.0159em; width: 8.12em; height: 1.2168em; ">Border Thickness:</DIV>
<INPUT ID=txtBorder style="left: 10.36em; top: 11.5596em; width: 6.72em; height: 2.1294em; ime-mode: disabled;" type=text size=3 maxlength=3 value="" tabIndex=21 onfocus="select()">

<DIV id=divVert style="left: 19.88em; top: 12.0159em; width: 3.64em; height: 1.2168em; ">Vertical:</DIV>
<INPUT ID=txtVertical style="left: 24.92em; top: 11.5596em; width: 4.2em; height: 2.1294em; ime-mode: disabled;" type=text size=3 maxlength=3 value="" tabIndex=30 onfocus="select()">

<BUTTON ID=btnBrowse style="left: 31.36em; top: 1.0647em; width: 7em; height: 2.2em; " type=submit tabIndex=40>Browse</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ID=btnOK style="left: 31.36em; top: 3.6504em; width: 7em; height: 2.2em; " type=submit tabIndex=40>OK</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ID=btnCancel style="left: 31.36em; top: 6.200em; width: 7em; height: 2.2em; " type=reset tabIndex=45 onClick="window.close();">Cancel</BUTTON>


Question by:VapiSoft
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Expert Comment

ID: 18787670

Where is that in your html?

Author Comment

ID: 18787677
I don't understand the question. It is in the loadFile function.
Just search for loadFile in the HTML.
LVL 10

Accepted Solution

Jaax earned 500 total points
ID: 18787824
Some suggestions :-
1.Encapsulate the all the elements within a <form> tag named data as <form name="data"> ... </form>
2. Replace "<button ID=btnBrowse" to "<input type=file id=btnBrowse" . Having done so the separate textbox for file name is redundant
3.Prepend all form elements in the script to document.data.
For eg: txtFileName to document.data.txtFileName
4.The function loadFile is unnecessary as document.data.btnBrowse.value would yield you the file name.
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Author Comment

ID: 18787844

I don't understand what you say.
This is an HTML that is part of the "htmlarea 2.03", so i cann;t do all these changes.
I just wanted to add a "Browse" button, that insert the file path to the textFileName (instead of the URL).
I don't understand what is "'file:///' + document.data.cmuds.value", i just found it in google in a script that opens a "Open-File" dialog.
LVL 30

Expert Comment

by:Mayank S
ID: 18788975
For that, Jaax's point 2 is what you need.

Author Comment

ID: 18789019
No, it does not do it.
The way I did with the <button
is OK, it shows the Browse button and when I click on the button it calls the loadFile function.
The problem is that I don't know how to open the Browse (Open-File) dialog-box is JS and I don't know how to get the selected file's path.
LVL 30

Assisted Solution

by:Mayank S
Mayank S earned 500 total points
ID: 18789053
<input type = 'file'

works. Unless you did it the wrong way. Here is an example:


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