I am trying to share printers between wireless PC and laptop, but it says I do not have permission...

I have a netgear router, intellinote laptop and desktop PC which are both wireless.
Laptop is using XP home and PC uses XP Pro

Both PC and laptop connect to the internet independantly of eachother VIA the router.

I have created the same user account on both machines:

e.g. username: Matthew
       Password: security

Both machines are also set up as WORKGROUP.  With IP addresses of &

The user accounts on both machines are identical AND set as administrator.

The problem is that my PC has the USB printers attached to it and I want the laptop to be able to print via the PC wirelessly but windows displays a message saying I DO NOT HAVE CORRECT PERMISSIONS

Can anyone help?

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It could be Firewalls.
There are several ways to make sure the computers on your local network are "trusted".
Can you post what type of firewall you are running (both machines).

The other thing to check is that you are certain both computers are talking to the same router. Some times my laptop jumps onto my neighbors.

Are these the only devices? What has the IP of and (This may not be relevent to your problem.)
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
The only firewalls they have are windows firewall which I have uninstalled.

There are three wireless networks available 1) Netgear 2)campervan 3) Bob.

Both machines are connected to NETGEAR which is correct and also set as secure.
(campervan and bob are neighbours)

laptop has a IP addy of 0.2 and PC is set as 0.4
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Did you run the wizard included with XP?
"Set up a home or small office network"

Run this if you haven't. It will give you the option to turn on print sharing.
When finished, re-boot both machines.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Hi Daniel,

Yeah i run the wizard as well too and rebooted both machines this is why im really confused and stuck!

firstly, can you ping the machine from the other one? eg: machine 1 pings machine 2, and machine 2 pings machine 1. you can also turn off simple file sharing on xp home under the folder options/view tab (its right at the bottom)

if you can ping to and from each machine, try and connect just to the machine by typing \\ipaddress
and see if you can get through. if you cant check your router to make sure theres no settings blocking the machines from connecting to each other (eg, if you have vlans make sure they are on the same one)

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Those are some good recommendations above, but if I can just throw in one more...make sure the guest account is enabled on the PC with the printer attached to it physically.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
The solution was silly and annoying in the end.... maybe i should have checked sooner....

In the NETGEAR wireless settings id had both DESKTOP and NOTEBOOK pc's listed.

However some how on its own the tick boxes were removed from by them which meant they were not on the TRUSTED list of machines.

I put them back in the trusted list and all works now.

Other than me, the user of the computers would not have been able to mess and change settings as I had the router passwords that set up myself so its a mystery sometimes why these things happen

Thank you all for the contributions

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